During the 1930s the united States followed a foreign policy that isolationism. I m sorry is the finest example of the policy?a. For bidding american to take trip overseasb. Building up the nation"s equipped forcesc. Avoiding alliances with other nationsd. Favoring an excellent Britain over the climbing power of Nazi Germany

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What US action in 1941 angry the Japanese and also resulted in the bombing of Pearl Harbor?a. The united state signed the Destroyers for Bases agreement.b. The us aided Indochina versus Japan.c. The united state froze Japan"s assets and also exports.d. The us aided China in war against Japan.
Where walk US military officials intend the Japanese to assault during civilization War II?a. Hawaiib. Asiac. Europed. Washington, DC
What activity broke off us negotiations with Japan?a. Japan"s war v Chinab. Japan"s intrusion of Indochinac. Japan"s pact v Germany and Italyd. Japan"s pact with Indochina
How go the Destroyers because that Bases commitment President Roosevelt signed help Britain and also its allies?a. The agreement put us bases on Soviet territory.b. The covenant put united state bases on british territory.c. The covenant put us destroyers in Soviet waters.d. The agreement put united state destroyers in German waters.
Which piece of Roosevelt"s legislation, happen in 1941, stirred up the most controversy?a. The cash-and-carry amendmentb. The Neutrality Actsc. The Destroyers for Bases agreementd. The Lend-Lease Act
Why walk the 1939 cash-and-carry amendment come the Neutrality Acts donate Britain over Germany?a. Britain had actually a bigger fleet of ships to carry arms than Germany.b. Brothers had an ext cash than Germany.c. Britain had actually US bases ~ above its territories and Germany didn"t.d. Britain had a an ext powerful military than Germany.
What made Germany"s intrusions of Europe difficult to prevent during human being War II?a. Germany"s bombs and also torpedoesb. Germany"s an effective U-boatsc. Germany"s air attacks and also fast-moving soil troopsd. Germany"s fast-moving sea attacks and powerful navy

World history Patterns that InteractionDahia Ibo Shabaka, Larry S. Krieger, Linda Black, Phillip C. Naylor, i get it B. Beck



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