Goal and also Overview

The relationship between color, wavelength, and frequency of clearly shows light will be established using a Spec 20 spectrometer. The clearly shows emission spectrum of atomic hydrogen will be analyzed in a spectrometer that has been calibrated based upon the visible emission spectrum the helium. Based on the hydrogen atomic emission, the primary quantum numbers (electronic power levels) that the initial and also final states for the atom (before and also after emission) will certainly be determined. A numerical value of the Rydberg continuous will additionally be extracted from a graphical evaluation of the emission wavelengths.

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Objectives and also Science Skills

Explain and use the relationship between photon wavelength and energy, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Understand and explain atom absorption and emission in relation to allowed energy levels (states) in an atom as well as their connection to photon wavelength and energy.
Evaluate the precision that a spectrometer by comparing measure up He* emission lines to literature values.
Observe atomic H* line spectra, right data come the Rydberg equation, and also compare speculative results to theoretical values.
Analyze and discuss determinants that limit the precision that the results.

Suggested Review and External Reading

data evaluation and spectroscopy information; appropriate textbook details on quantum theory


The research of the interaction of light with issue is referred to as spectroscopy. Spectroscopy had been a fundamental part in the development of chemistry molecular theory, and also it deserve to be provided for both qualitative and also quantitative evaluation of matter. Most modern chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, and also physics labs usage some type of spectroscopy.

Wave-Particle Duality that Light and also Matter

Modern wave theory claims that irradiate is created of oscillating perpendicular electric and also magnetic fields, as shown. These oscillating magnetic and also electric fields are responsible for interactions the photons with the electric and magnetic nature of matter.

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The rate of light, c, with a vacuum, is 2.998 × 108 m/s. Light travels at different speeds with materials since of the light"s communication with the material.


Rydberg Equation: Ehν = RH
, for ni > nf
En = −
,where n is an creature = 1, 2, 3,