Algonquian describes a large linguistic and social group. Lock are among the most populous and widespread major North American tribes. Their ancestors space the Athabaskan. However Algonquian broke off from your ancestors, climate they moved to the east of the Atlantic coast of phibìc America.

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Algonquian populated a very big territory stretched from the Atlantic s to the Rocky Mountains. But most the them stayed in the seaside regions (the Atlantic Ocean and Hudson Bay) and some regions surrounding Iroquoia. Their regions are well-known as the Canadian Shield.

Besides Algonquin, the Algonquian cultural group contains Ojibwe, Micmac, Malecite, Blackfoot and also Cree, Abenaki, Montagnais…. Algonquian established a civilization that relied heavily on hunting and fishing to conference food. And this is among the an initial hunting and also fishing cultures in America.

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Algonquian’s society And Culture

Until now, we haven’t known the source of the word Algonquian. Some said it means “they room our relatives” which come from the Malecite word. Others argued that its meaning is “those that space dancing”. However the most popular definition is “a ar for spearing eels and fishes”.

In Algonquian society, the leader is called a chief or ogima. In the past, the cook was guy only. Today, a mrs can come to be a chief. The cook or ogima to be chosen since of his an individual qualities. The personal qualities encompass strength, skill, wisdom, courage, generosity, and also hunting prowess, of course.

If a guy wants to end up being a chief, he needs to justify and convince every one of the members in board of directors by action that picking him is the appropriate decision. But he is accepted to be the leader only once everyone should be in a consensus. Occasionally it took them so lot time come agree.

Relationships in Algonquian culture are created through the father, not the mother. After a mrs is married to a man, she joins and also lives v her husband’s family. In various other words, the male in Algonquian society is the head of the family.

The key task of the head of the family members was come guarantee that their family has food sufficient to live. They were likewise in charge of trading and communicating with various other families/bands and also nations. The guy did the fighting as soon as the Algonquians to be at war. They constantly kept their tools on hand because that hunting and fighting.



Members in Algonquian’s communities followed the male of descent that is regarded Patrilineal clans. Pet totems such as bear, lion, wolf… represented for this clans. The heads of clans and also respected elders lead Algonquian’s communities.

All members in Algonquian areas were equal. That means, females were members with critical role in their life. The key task the Algonquian females is to take treatment of everything related to their camp or wigwams. They constructed wigwams. Yes, women constructed these, the males didn’t this task.

They also built up firewood and also stored food for day-to-day life. The course, castle made apparel for members of their family and also gathered wild fruits. They assisted men by transferring the bags when the males kept their tools on hand and went hunting.

Algonquian society And day-to-day Life

Algonquian usually confronted with the lack of food production had the the very least interest in developing their food. The factor is they had actually the the very least interest in producing their food. Their territory is not an excellent for crop growing. Most of their are was forested or an ext mountainous. Castle were spanned with rock and forest. Farming was not easy.

The Algonquian - the wanderers in the wigwams

The Algonquian to be nomads. They hunted animals and ate them. They could find some animals such as hare or partridge in the woodland or spearfish in the lakes and rivers. They stayed in wigwams or roundhouse and these wigwams can be moved. The Algonquian relocated from ar to place and hunted for your food. This is just how they created a people that relied heavily on hunting and fishing to conference food.



They used huge wooden poles to make wigwams. These poles were extended with skins of animals and also bark. Wigwams were easy to assemble, disassemble. They take it skins and bark when they moved due to the fact that they to be light, so straightforward to carry. Wooden poles might be discovered in the place where they chose to set up new wigwams. Women built wigwams and it take it them just around an hour to finish.

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Hanging, fishing, and gathering for everyday life

They used canoes which were made of wood and bark, come travel. As soon as the winter comes, castle would usage snowshoes to move. Hunting, fishing, and also gathering listed Algonquian with food and materials. They provided them come live and also make clothes, houses.

Weapons for the Algonquian males to hunt pets are bow, arrows, spears, and knives…. Most of them were made the wood and also bark. Come hunt tiny animals, they used traps, deadfalls. If they wanted to hunt for larger animals, they provided bows, arrows, and lances.

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Spears were provided to recording fish. Lock are long sticks with a knife in ~ the end of them. For fishing, they additionally used hooks, leisters, and also nets which were made of products from the forest. They went fishing in the summer because at that time they usually set up your wigwams close come the water’s edge.

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