What is LILO?¶

LILO is the LInux LOader, the most well-known boot loader because that Linux. (For somebackground on boot loaders, see picking a boots Loader) Itis supplied to fill Linux into memory and also start the operating system. Top top a machinewith multiple operation systems, LILO can be configured to boots the othersystems together well.

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Normally LILO is originally configured for you during the Linux installationprocess. However, friend may discover that default configuration is no correct, oryou great to customize it. And there may also come a time as soon as you require toremove LILO from her computer. Below are some instructions that must helpyou on her quest.

The /etc/lilo.conf File¶

As with many Linux utilities, LILO deserve to be customized through a configuration filein the /etc directory. The lilo.conf document has that own guy pagewhich is rather thorough. In fact, it might be a little too thorough because that simpleconfiguration. So here’s the lowdown on your simple lilo.conf file.

The sample lilo.conf document shown listed below is for a usual dual-bootconfiguration, v Windows mounted on the first partition and Linux ~ above thesecond. You deserve to probably usage this as-is, except for the image= line andpossibly the root= line, depending upon where Linux to be installed. Detailedexplanation follows.

boot=/dev/hdamap=/boot/mapinstall=/boot/boot.bcompactprompttimeout=50image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.0.36 label=linux root=/dev/hda2 read-onlyother=/dev/hda1 label=win


Tells LILO wherein to install the bootloader. In this case, that is going right into themaster boot document of the an initial hard drive, which means LILO will control theboot process of all operating equipment from the start. The could also have been/dev/hda2, the boots sector that the Linux partition. In the case, the DOSbootloader would should be in the master boot record, and also booting Linux wouldrequire setup the Linux partition energetic using fdisk.


The map record is instantly generated by LILO and is used internally. Don’tmess v it.


Tells LILO whatto use as the new boot sector. This file contains the “bootstrap” codethat starts your operating system. Don’t mess with it.


Makes LILO read the harddrive faster. Generally you want this, yet some older systems mayhang. Eliminate it if yours is one of these.


Tells LILO to prompt us atboot time to choose an operating device or go into parameters for theLinux kernel. Keep this.


Tells LILO exactly how long towait at the prompt prior to booting the default operation system,measured in one per 10 of a second. The configuration shown waitsfor 5 seconds. If timeout is 0 or no present, LILO waits forever (ifprompt is specified, otherwise boots the default immediately).


The nameof a Linux kernel because that LILO come boot. This starts a section, and thelines the follow give specific parameters for this particularkernel. Girlfriend may have actually up come sixteen picture sections, however one shouldsuffice. The an initial image detailed in the record is the default, uneven youspecify otherwise.


The name the is usedto recognize this image at the LILO: boots prompt. Typing this name willselect this image. As soon as asked to list the accessible images (bypressing TAB at the LILO: prompt), LILO will display screen this name in thelist.


Tells LILO whereby theroot (/) record system is (in other words, whereby Linux lives), so thatthe Linux kernel deserve to mount that at boots time. Uneven you are doingsomething extremely high-tech, all your images should usage the sameroot= parameter. In my case, Linux is set up in thesecond main partition.


Tells LILO come instructthe Linux kernel to initially mount the root file system asread-only. It will certainly be remounted as read-write later in the bootprocess. This is the normal technique of booting Linux. Don’t readjust itunless you room sure you know what you space doing.


Like the picture line,this starts a section. Other tells LILO to boot anoperating systemother 보다 Linux. That is provided the value of the partition whereby thisother operating device lives. LILO will just load and also execute theboot ar of this partition at boot time.

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Same as the brand above,gives girlfriend a way to describe this section.

By copying this basic layout, friend should be able to get LILO toboot windows or any brand-new Linux kernels girlfriend build. Prior to you beginediting, make certain you develop a back-up copy the the initial lilo.confjust in instance something walk wrong. And don’t forget come applyyour changes!

Applying Changes¶

Anytime you modify the /etc/lilo.conf, or if you relocate orrename any type of of the papers used by LILO, consisting of the Linuxkernel chin (the vmlinuz file), you must apply your changesbefore they will take effect. Failing to do so might cause LILO to beunable to boot Linux!

To apply changes, run the adhering to command (you will must beSuperUser):