13 Days: president Kennedy and the Cuban Missile crisis

Students inspection outcomes the the Cuban Missile situation by using primary documents and role-playing president Kennedy’s nationwide security team.

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1. Check out an excerpt from the Killing Kennedy script.

Assign students to play the different roles in the Cuban Missile crisis Scene choice from the Killing Kennedy script. Have actually students act the end the scene. Prior to reading, asking the remaining students to listen to identify what problem President Kennedy faces in this scene. After, ask:  What difficulty did chairman Kennedy challenge in this clip? Explain come students the this trouble has pertained to be well-known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. It occurred in 1962. Because that thirteen days, the people teetered top top the brink of atom war. Ask: Why did missiles in Cuba posture a hazard to the unified States?


2. Testimonial Kennedy’s policy choices in the confront of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Explain to students that they will be acting together Kennedy’s advisers during this thirteen-day period. They will should research and analyze the papers that Kennedy’s genuine advisers had accessible to them, and then existing their findings to the chairman (you).

Tell students the President Kennedy had several alternatives in responding to the risk posed through the placement of missiles ~ above Cuban soil. Ask student what alternatives they think Kennedy had. List student responses top top poster record or on a whiteboard. Usage the discussion to note students to include every one of the options noted below. You might wish to project the perform for students come read. 

Do nothing: American vulnerability come Soviet missiles was no new. Newly put missiles in Cuba made tiny strategic distinction in the armed forces balance of power.Diplomacy: use diplomatic push to obtain the Soviet Union to remove the missiles.Warning: Send a post to Castro come warn him of the grave danger he, and also Cuba, were facing.Blockade: use the U.S. Navy to block any missiles from showing up in Cuba.Air strike: usage the U.S. Air pressure to attack all recognized missile sites.Invasion: beginning a full force invasion of Cuba and overthrow of Castro. 


3. Students research study Kennedy’s policy choices using major resources and also role-playing as EXCOMM.  

Explain come students that after the failure of only of Pigs invasion, Kennedy motivated dissent amongst his advisers. If one idea was bad, Kennedy want his advisers to tell him; the did not desire “yes men” to assist him make decisions. Explain to college student that throughout the bay of Pigs invasion, members that Kennedy’s staff that disagreed through the action refused come voice their negative opinions, no wanting to slam the larger group. ~ this failure, Kennedy transformed his management style, wanting to discover all choices before making a decision.

Tell students lock will currently be role-playing as nationwide security advisers to president Kennedy, a team known during the Cuban Missile dilemm as EXCOMM. Every student team will it is in assigned one policy alternative brainstormed earlier and also will be responsible for:

List the pros and cons for the group’s plan choiceVisual aid—on poster paper—to existing pros and cons come the class

Divide the course into groups and assign one policy choice per group for more exploration. Distribute the Confidential papers to every group. Call students lock will usage these Confidential files to assistance their policy choices. Distribute a T-Chart to every group and instruct them to use it to do a pros/cons chart. Distribute poster paper and markers to each group to construct a visual assist that will determine their policy option as well as the pros/cons of the option.


4. Acting together EXCOMM, students present their plan arguments and also the course comes to consensus on one response.

After groups end up drafting your pros and cons with visual aids ~ above poster paper, have each group current their policy and its accompanying pros and cons. ~ each team presents, students may ask questions about the group’s policy and also thinking. Have the whole course summarize the presentation by determining the most far-ranging pro and also con because that the policy. Ask students to assistance all explanation with evidence taken indigenous the Confidential Files.

After all groups have presented, have actually students discuss all the choices that were presented.


5. Compare the EXCOMM class consensus come Kennedy’s actual solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Play the Red Threat video clip come the class. After watching, ask:

What policy selection did Kennedy make in solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis?Compared come the pros and also cons lists arisen earlier, do you believe Kennedy do the best feasible decision? Why or why not?

6. Examine the outcomes the the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Explain come students the complying with outcomes of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Task these clues in a PowerPoint presentation or write them on a item of poster paper.

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After the blockade, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev sent out a letter to Kennedy. Khrushchev agreed to remove missiles native Cuba if the United claims promised not to invade Cuba and to ultimately remove missiles indigenous Turkey.Kennedy agreed. The United claims secretly removed missiles indigenous Turkey. Khrushchev openly gotten rid of missiles from Cuba, finishing the Cuban Missile Crisis.

 Close the task with a conversation of the concerns below. Ask:

To what degree was Kennedy a effective leader in this crisis?Why to be Kennedy more successful in the Cuban Missile situation than he was throughout the just of Pigs invasion? In what ways?