A journal written by frontier settlers would most likely talk about survival and the people (Native Americans) who lived on the land before settlers began the move westward.

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Probably this journal would talk about the importance of the Manifest Destiny for the Union, and how the settlers were dealing with the Native Americans.


Manifest Destiny was an ideology based on territorial expansion. After the American Revolution, the settlers began to go beyond the Apalache Mountains to promote civilization and built the nation. To support this ideology, Manifest Destiny said that colonization was a God"s desire, and the settlers were destined to bring civilization, and Christianity to the Native Americans. However, the massacre of several tribes and the destruction of many Native American cultures is one of the saddles points of Manifest Destiny.

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Which of the following is NOT a reason for Imperialism?
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b no social darwinism


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What was worse french revlotion or American
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In my opinion the French Revolution was worse. It accomplished no long term goal and created terror and chaos in the streets of France. On the other hand, our revolution, while bloody, accomplished a goal and established democracy in America.

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Why did the mexican government set up a federal republic?
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On November 7, 1823, the constituent congress opened, approving the Basic Law on January 31 of the following year, which was to remain in force until the adoption of the constitution. The law confirmed that the Mexican nation is forever free and independent of Spain or any other power. Of particular importance was Article 5, which stated that "a nation shall adopt a republican, federal, popular, representative form of government. On the same day, Congress addressed to the people with an appeal that characterized the adoption of the Basic Law as the end of the revolution. “This is a national banner,” the appeal said, around which all patriots should unite, because if before they could have different views on the form of government, they are now obliged to obey the opinion of the vast majority expressed by the deputies elected for that.

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In this country, the idea of federalism from its inception had a pronounced political connotation, since federalism was the ‘banner’ of the liberal party, and centralism represented the party of conservatives - the two largest political parties in the country. It was quite obvious that, depending on the results of the political struggle for power, the country should develop along the path of federalism or centralism.