One Piece: The 10 Best Episodes Of The Sabaody Archipelago Arc (According To IMDb) The Sabaody Archipelago arc stands among One Piece"s very best run of episodes, with these being the very best according to IMDb.

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One Piece is one of the best anime around and it is filled to the brim with some of the greatest arcs. One of the best arcs of One Piece has got to be Sabaody Archipelago. This arc was filled with super-strong pirates, a Navy Admiral, scientific weapons, and a whole lot of drama. It had everything that one could want from One Piece.

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Sabaody Archipelago starts from episode 385 and ends with episode 405. To this day, the arc is considered to be among the very best. Sabaody was the first arc that showcased all the members of the Worst Generation. Adding to this, we saw Kizaru and also a great pirate, Silvers Rayleigh. Here are the ten best episodes of the Sabaody arc ranked according to IMDb ratings.

The much-awaited human auction kicks off and the Straw Hats are shocked to find out that Camie is being sold off at Grove 1. The plan to save her is thwarted after they find out that the Celestial Dragons are involved in the bidding.

So, the Straw Hats decide to free Camie by using their own money. Also, the news about the planned execution of Luffy"s brother, Ace, begins to spread. The world starts to fear that it could trigger an all-out war between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Government.

This was the first time Law, Luffy, and Kid joined hands with each other to take care of the Marines. They went outside the auction house and showcased their abilities. After promising to face each other once again in the New World, they went their separate ways.

Luffy"s crew were able to escape with the help of Duval"s Rosy Life Riders. Kid and Law were intercepted by a Pacifista, who they thought was Bartholomew Kuma. While trying to get away from Sabaody, Law freed Jean Bart, who was a slave of a Celestial Dragon.

The second Admiral to be introduced in the series was Kizaru. He made his first appearance in the Sabaody Archipelago arc and his entry was great. He landed on Sabaody after traveling on a cannonball.

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Kizaru showed off the power of the Pika Pika no Mi while facing three supernovas in Basil Hawkins, Urouge, and X-Drake. Kid and Law carried on their fight versus the Pacifista. The Straw Hats in the meantime face another threat.

7 Episode 402: Overwhelming! The Marine Combat Weapon Pacifista (8)

There have been very few instances where the Straw Hats have looked to be in a desperate situation, and episode 402 has one of them. They were pegged back by a Pacifista, which is the latest weapon of the Marines.

The Straw Hats were giving their best but the Pacifista proved to be too much. We also see Kizaru fighting and defeating four Supernovas — Apoo, Drake, Hawkins, and Urouge. However, they were saved after a call from Sentoumaru. Kizaru left the place to look for Sentomaru.

After Luffy punched the Celestial Dragon, everything seemed to stop for a moment. When the news of a Celestial Dragon being assaulted reached Sengoku"s ears, he knew that he had to do something. So, he decided to send Admiral Kizaru to help them out.

Back at the auction house, Silvers Rayleigh helps Camie to escape by removing the collar around her neck. Everyone was surprised to see Rayleigh removing the collar effortlessly. Outside the auction house, Luffy, Kid, and Law begin their onslaught on the Marines who have gathered.

5 Episode 400: Roger and Rayleigh - The Pirate King and His Right Hand (8.1)

This chapter provided the fans with one of the biggest revelations in One Piece history. At Shakky"s bar, it was revealed that Rayleigh was a member of the Roger Pirates. No one would have believed that the old man from the auction house would be the first mate of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King.

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After Rayleigh"s revelation, the Straw Hats left the bar. Rayleigh asks them to come back in three days as it would take time to ready the ship. In the meantime, Kizaru arrived at Sabaody Archipelago.

The Straw Hats were planning on saving Camie with their money. However, their plan was ruined by Saint Charlos. Being a Celestial Dragon, he wasn"t lacking cash, so he outbid all the other people. Luffy crashes into the auction house and starts to rush towards the stage.

But, Hatchan stops him and accidentally ends up revealing that he is a fish-man. Charlos wasn"t pleased about seeing a fish-man and shoots Hatchan. Obviously angered by this act, Luffy ends up punching Charlos in an incredibly satisfying moment.

3 Episode 397: Huge Panic! Struggle in the Auction Hall! (8.4)

After Luffy knocks out Charlos, the guards begin to attack the pirates. The crews of Kid and Law stay in the auction house. The Straw Hats fight against the guards. Usopp ends up knocking out Rosward and he tries to save Camie.

The Marines surround the auction house after they learn about Luffy assaulting the Celestial Dragon. Shalria attempts to kill Camie but she is knocked out by a burst of Haki by Rayleigh.

Zoro is in trouble due to Kizaru. Usopp and Brook desperately try to save Zoro, but Rayleigh intervenes and saves Zoro instead. So, with Rayleigh holding off Kizaru, Luffy orders his crew to retreat as they can"t defeat them.

Sentomaru and the Pacifista intercept them and stop their escape. In desperation, Chopper uses his Monster Point to change the tide. However, it doesn"t work. In the meantime, the real Kuma arrives at Sabaody and sends Zoro away with his abilities.

1 Episode 405: Disappearing Crew - The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew (8.8)

The highest-rated episode of Sabaody Archipelago is also the final episode of the arc. In this episode, Sentomaru reveals the abilities of Bartholomew Kuma"s devil fruit.

With the help of his devil fruit, Kuma sent the Pacifista and the rest of the Straw Hats to various places. Luffy tries to protect his crew, but he can only watch as the Straw Hats disappear. The episode and arc end with Kuma sending Luffy away.

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