The power of the sea has actually shaped Ireland’s coastline into what we deserve to see today. Two main processes room responsible because that this; erosion and also deposition. Seaside erosion is the break down and also carrying away of materials by the sea. Deposition is when material brought by the sea is deposited or left behind top top the coast.

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Destructive WavesCoastal erosion takes ar with terrible waves. These devastating waves are very high in energy and also are most an effective in stormy conditions. The swash is when a wave washes up onto the shoreline and the backwash is once the water native a tide retreats back into the sea. Damaging waves have stronger backwashes than swashes. This solid backwash pulls product away native the shoreline and also into the sea resulting in erosion.Constructive WavesConstructive waves, on the other hand, space low power waves that an outcome in the buildup of material on the shoreline. Constructive waves are low energy and also have more powerful swashes 보다 backwashes. This means that any kind of material being lugged by the sea is washed up and also begins to develop up along the coastline. The material that is deposited by constructive waves can most regularly be watched by the creation of beaches.How waves ErodeDestructive tide erode through 4 main processes; Hydraulic Action, Compression, Abrasion and also Attrition.
Image credit: Jeff Hansen, U.S. Geological Survey. Hydraulic ActionHydraulic action is the sheer pressure of water crashing against the coast causing material to it is in dislodged and carried away by the sea.CompressionCompression occurs in rocky locations when waiting enters into crack in rock. This wait is trapped in cracks by the climbing tide, together waves crash against the rock the air inside the cracked is rapidly compressed and also decompressed causing cracks come spread and also pieces of rock to break off. Compression is among the key processes that result in the production of caves.AbrasionAbrasion is when rocks and also other materials carried by the sea space picked up by strong waves and also thrown against the coastline causing much more material come be broken off and also carried far by the sea.AttritionAttrition is when product such as rocks and also stones lugged by waves hit and also knock against each various other wearing lock down. Together these products are worn down sand and rounded beach pebbles room formed.CliffsSea cliffs are among the clearest instances of sea erosion the we can see. Sea cliffs are steep encounters of rock and also soil that are developed by damaging waves. Waves crashing against the coastline erode till a notch is formed. The erosion of this notch undercuts the ground above it till it becomes unstable and collapses. This process repeats itself and the sea cliff will proceed to retreat. Overtime a wave-cut platform will certainly be formed in the sea simply beneath the cliffs. This wave-cut platform will kind at the low-tide level and is evidence of wherein the cliff challenge once stood before erosion brought about the cliff challenge to retreat.
Sea CavesSea Caves type when crack in rock at the basic of cliffs space eroded and expanded through the sea. The processes of compression and also hydraulic are an essential to the development of sea caves.
Sea Arch
Sea arcs are created when a cave continues to be eroded and also expanded until it cuts right through a headland.

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Sea StackA sea Stack forms when a sea arch continues to it is in eroded and widened until the rock becomes too weak to support the roof of the sea arch and collapses into the sea. The remaining shaft of rock is known as a sea stack.Sea StumpA sea stump is developed when a tall sea stack is eroded and worn down until it juts just over the surface of the sea.