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(chemistry) a substance consisting of two or more substances blended together (not in addressed proportions and also not through chemical bonding)

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Therefore, a network framework with different properties native those the a homogeneous mixture that networks is obtained, in this situation with a higher degree the crosslinking than expected.

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New epoxy thermosets obtained from diglycidylether that bisphenol a and modified hyperbranched polyesters with long aliphatic chain cured through diisocyanates
PROCEDURE: Prepare phase A through combining all organic actives and also warm (~40C) till the avobenzone and benzo-phenone-3 are dissolved and form a homogeneous mixture. Cool come room temperature.
Finally, we figured out release place of nanoparticles in their dispersion in ~ microchannel inlet and also dispersion device of nanoparticles in developing a homogeneous mixture", that added.
Key statement: The existing invention is command to a procedure for preparing a polymer modification bituminous binder ingredient in the substantial lack of crosslinking agents by heater a bitumen ingredient in a stirred tank come a temperature from 160C come 221C; including a block copolymer ingredient to the bitumen ingredient while the bitumen component is gift stirred to kind a homogeneous mixture of the bitumen component and also the block copolymer composition; and also continuing to stir the homogeneous mixture while maintaining the temperature native 180C to 221C for a total period of time from four hours come 30 hours, thereby creating a cured polymer modified bituminous binder composition.
The benefits of having vapor state fuel induction space air and also vapor mixing results in homogeneous mixture. Thus the misdistribution of the wait fuel mixture is removed resulting in much shorter combustion duration.
Analyzing of technological feasibility in Homogenous fee Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine operating at different fuel problems using a secondary injector
Averaged error values for each of the semi-empirical models presented (with referral to Equations (20) to (25)) in comparison with the experimental values for different varieties of beds and bed products Material type Homogeneous mixture UP-St.
Mixing features of rarely often, rarely binaries in a promoted gas--solid fluidized bed: a mathematical model
The mixture of burning products (C, O and ) is pulsed right into a mix chamber to ensure a homogeneous mixture at consistent temperature and pressure.

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Factors affecting C,H,N micro-analytical performance--Part 1: that is in the detection and also measurement the a sample"s combustion products that micro-analytical equipment differ many markedly
A The objective in obtaining exact post-transfusion blood counts is to achieve a sample the is a homogeneous mixture of patient and also donor cells.