The price & is a depiction of the Latin indigenous et (see DPD, attachment 4). Wikipedia claims that the symbol chin is referred to as et; however, the DRAE"s entry for et doesn"t perform the symbol together a definition of the word, and also I have actually never heard anybody usage it in the way.

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Which would be a appropriate name for that symbol?



Based ~ above my an individual experience (computer engineering, numerous "&" in programming), I"d say that if you have to name the symbol and want others to understand you if spelling the end loud, you have to say "ampersand". Remember that although RAE is the so-called authority, they don"t constantly represent actual use. That"s why they"re constantly upgrading.


Wikipedia has a very clear explanation:

El signo &, cuyo nombre en español es et es una alternativa gráfica de la conjunción copulativa latina et, que significa y de la que deriva la española «y».

Es conocido por su nombre en inglés ampersand, proveniente a su vez de la expresión and per se and, es decir, «y por sí mismo, y», usada como parte de la retahíla para la memorización del alfabeto.

Deriva del latín de donde el signo pasó a diversos idiomas, incluido el español. Su uso en nuestra lengua es superfluo, pues no resulta económico (a diferencia de otros idiomas) ya que la conjunción copulativa y tiene una grafía más breve y sencilla. En textos españoles antiguos es frecuente encontrarlo empleado en la expresión latina adoptada et cetera, en las formas &c. o &cetera.

RAE has this because that et:

conj. Desus. Y.

I"d say & is called et as Wikipedia points out although is read as y simply as in English is review as and

Lista de símbolos o signos no alfabetizables native RAE (thanks, Javi)

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Yes, the official name is et however in the real world, at least in Mexico, this is a symbol really related come the English language. Since et is and shortened the translation come is y, this makes that in talked language is normal to say:

i inglesa. ("ee" pronunciation for i)

Literally English i.

If you discover out that civilization doesn"t know you while speak et girlfriend can shot this.

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My Gran deccionario Larousse is also an extremely unhelpful through this.

When ns look increase English ampersand that lists merely: signo "&" - and it has actually no entry because that et.

Wiktionary despite lists both et and also y comercial, both having actually feminine gender.

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In Dominican Republic we call it "y comercial" since in "y" method "and"

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Its surname is officially “et”, prefer the Latin word definition “and”: “En español no se recomienda usar el et pues la conjunción ‘y’ ya es lo suficiente breve y clara, y hasta más fácil de escribir” (The consumption of the ampersand is no recommended in together the connect “y” is currently brief & clear enough, and also even much easier to write.) Regards.

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In Colombia and Ecuador and Peru and Venezuela us have always used e comercial (pronunciation, et comercial written). In Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic I"ve viewed them use y comercial In Spain as
Hnavarro said they usage ampersand.

In my humble opinion e comercial is much more adapted come the language. Ampersand is an ext English and mostly used in engineering environments, not in day-to-day life.

To summarize, i think e comercial is a an ext globally recognized term seeing it in regards to how countless countries widely usage it in the hispanic world.

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Though the DLE go not mention the prize explicitly, other sources indigenous the RAE affirm that the symbol is referred to as et in

#RAEconsultas El signo & se llama «et», pues nace de la ligadura de las letras «e» y «t», que en latín forman la conjunción «et» (= «y»).

Símbolos o signos no alfabetizables...

&et (lat.: y)

&, nombre de este signo gráfico

¿Qué nombre recibe el signo gráfico «&» que aparece en los teclados?

En español se llama et y en inglés ampersand.

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This is a quite question since symbols and also abbreviations signify a shorthand because that a word(s). Such instances often lead to a absence of translate into in any type of language due to the fact that these symbols space language paper definition independent ( one more example gift the $ symbol) (counter examples exist for icons such as the caret symbol, etc.) follow to the historic root, & was supplied as a short form for et (latin for words and). Feel totally free to use "ampersand" or "et" as per her convenience.

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