We’re gift asked to calculate binding power of the electron in kJ/mol. When photons through enough energy hit the surface of a metal, electrons are emitted. This phenomenon is well-known as the Photoelectric Effect.

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Total energy (ΔE) in photoelectric impact can be calculated utilizing the following equation:

∆E=Ework function+Ekinetic energy


ΔEisthetotal power or the energy of the light/photon/radiationand have the right to be calculated utilizing the equation:


Etotal power = Jh = Planck’s constant = 6.626x10-34 J∙sν= frequency = Hz or s-1

Ework functionisthework function or threshold frequency or binding energyof the metal (minimum energy required to remove an electron indigenous the metal)

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An X-ray photon the wavelength 0.999nm strikes a surface. The emitted electron has a kinetic energy of 940 eV. What is the binding energy of the electron in kJ/mol? (KE = 1/2mv2; 1 electron volt (eV) = 1.602 x10-19J)

BEmol=_________________ kJ/mol

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