The fully eagle was chosen as a characteristic and also particular species in the American continent. It represents freedom. A bald eagle paris high, ~ above the top where mountains are the primary panorama. This is a an allegory for liberty in full sense. It seems that this species, in particular, has actually unlimited an are to move, therefore complete liberty. Remember that freedom and liberty were worths was found constantly in politics speech and served together the driving pressure for the formation of the American nation. The outright eagle was favored in 1782 together the emblem the the United claims of America. Additionally, the pet lives in an environment where no predators limit its behavior, flying right into valleys downward, then increase and virtually can go everywhere after part repose.

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mr Goodwill <35>6 month ago
4 0 A. The eagle to represent the willingness of the United claims to use force to safeguard its territories.

Explanation: This concern was an alleged to it is in accompanied by a politics cartoon and a sub line stating that it to be a politics cartoon produced the function of sustaining imperialism. As those that will it is in requiring the to the concern will currently have accessibility to both of these, no more explanation is required.

While referencing both that the aforementioned materials, the inquiry can quickly be solved via process of elimination.

B. The eagle reflects that the United claims has expanded enough.

This is incorrect due to the fact that a politics cartoon produced for the objective of supporting imperialism wouldn\"t offer off the post that the United claims no longer needs to expand.

C. The eagle to represent the threat the United claims poses to other countries.

This is incorrect since the eagle is not looming nor gazing menacingly at other countries, rather its feet space planted steady on the unified States and its eyes room half-closed, the latter arguing that the eagle is no focused, and therefore does not intend to commit come any kind of action in the close to future.

D. The eagle mirrors that United states values freedom and also liberty.

This is incorrect because although eagles are typically associated with freedom and liberty, the eagle presented in the political cartoon shows no on purpose of flying anywhere due to the fact that that wings room pointed toward the earth. As birds in flight are usually thought about to it is in the utmost prize of freedom (due come the thin amount that maneuvers they can employ while in the air), one eagle that isn\"t flying would certainly not be expected to represent freedom and liberty.

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After remove B. C. And also D., there is no other choice for the exactly come be other than A. The eagle represents the willingness of the United says to use force to defend its territories.