The electrons get transferred indigenous potassium to chlorine to type potassium chloride


Ionic link is identified as the link which is developed by complete transfer of electrons from one atom to an additional atom.

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The atom which looses the electron is known as electropositive atom and the atom which gains the electron is well-known as electronegative atom. This link is usually formed between a metal and a non-metal.

Potassium is the 19th facet of the routine table having electronic configuration the


This facet will loosened 1 electron to form


Chlorine is the 17th facet of the periodic table having electronic configuration the


This facet will get 1 electron to form


By criss-cross method, the oxidation state of the ion gets exchanged and also they form the subscripts of the other ions. This outcomes in the development of a neutral compound.

The ionic compound created will have actually a chemistry formula of KCl

Hence, the electrons acquire transferred indigenous potassium to chlorine to form potassium chloride


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The bond in between K⁺ and Cl⁻ ion is one ionic bond

Further explanation

Atoms have various stability. Rough atomic atoms will shot to kind stable electron configurations prefer those that noble gases.

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Where noble gases have the number of outer electron 2 or 8

The formation of electron configurations such together noble gases can be excellent by developing shared ions or electron pairs

Atoms with high ionization energy and also atoms that are complicated to attract electrons will form bonds with mutual electron pairs (electrons deserve to be indigenous one atom or 2 atoms attached)

Inform ions, atoms will certainly release or entice electrons

Ion bonds occur because atoms that have actually low ionization energy (easily release electrons) kind a + ion, and also these electrons room bound by atoms that have large affinity energy (easily pulling electrons)

Generally, ionic bonds take place in metals and also nonmetallic elements. Metal facets have short ionization energy and non-metallic elements have a high electron affinity

In Atoms, to achieve stability, K will release one electron so that it has actually an electron configuration prefer noble gas Ar

Electron construction of K (atomic number 19) and also Ar (atomic number 18)

K: 2 8 8 1

Ar: 2 8 8

so the it becomes a K⁺ ion

While the Cl atom will certainly bind one electron, so it has an electron configuration favor noble gas Ar

Cl: 2 8 7

Ar: 2 8 8

So the it becomes a Cl⁻ ion

Finally, there will certainly be an attractive attraction between positive and negative ions and also KCl is formed