LEARNING OUTCOMES6.1 explain the large levels,formats, and also granularities of information.6.2 Differentiate in between transactional and also analytical information.6.3 List,describe and administer an example of every of the 5 features of high top quality information.6.4 assess the impact of short quality details on an organization and also the services of high quality info on an organization.

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*Employees must have the ability to obtain and also analyze the countless different levels,formats and also granularities the organizational details to make decisions.
*Successfully collecting ,compiling ,sorting and evaluating information can provide tremendous insight into just how an company is performing .


Transactional info -to support day-to-day operation tasks(routine). Instances :if we withdrawal money from ATM us will gain receipt indigenous ATM machine.
Analytical information -occurs monthly,weekly.Combine transactional info = analysis information.
3)The value of timely information -timeliness is an aspect of information that relies on the case .
i)Real-time information- instant ,up-to-date information.Example:Lazada upgrade their stock daily so customers will recognize whether stock easily accessible or not.
ii)Real-time system-provides real-time details in solution to query requests.Example Bursa Saham every 2nd the details will change.

b)Consistency -aggregate or an overview information in commitment with in-depth information.Example total fields equal true complete of individual fields.
c)Uniqueness -each transaction,entity and event represented only as soon as in the information.Example to prevent duplicate customers.

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d)Timeliness -information existing with respect to the service requirements.Example details updated weekly,daily or hourly.To avoid obtain outdated information.
i)Online client intentionally get in inaccurate details to safeguard their privacy(fake name,fake address)
iii)Call enter operators go into abbreviated or erroneous info by accident or to conserve time(customer business use short form only once they received complain but when to crucial in data they perform not remember)
iv)Third party & exterior information contains inconsistencies, inaccuracies &errors(get information from providers did no complete)