LEARNING OUTCOMES6.1 Describe the wide levels,layouts, and granularities of information.6.2 Differentiate between transactional and analytical information.6.3 List,describe and also administer an example of each of the 5 characteristics of high quality indevelopment.6.4 Assess the influence of low quality information on an organization and the benefits of high high quality indevelopment on an organization.

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*Employees must have the ability to obtain and analyze the many kind of various levels,layouts and also granularities of business information to make decisions.
*Successtotally collecting ,compiling ,sorting and analyzing indevelopment can provide significant insight into exactly how an company is percreating .


Transactional indevelopment -to assistance day-to-day operation tasks(routine). Examples :if we withdrawal money from ATM we will obtain receipt from ATM machine.
Analytical indevelopment -occurs monthly,weekly.Combine transactional information = analytical indevelopment.
3)The worth of timely indevelopment -timeliness is an element of information that counts on the situation .
i)Real-time information- instant ,up-to-date indevelopment.Example:Lazada update their stock daily so customers will certainly recognize whether stock accessible or not.
ii)Real-time system-provides real-time information in response to query researches.Example Bursa Saham every second the indevelopment will certainly change.

b)Consistency -accumulation or summary indevelopment in agreement via thorough information.Example full fields equal true full of individual fields.
c)Uniqueness -each transactivity,entity and also event stood for just when in the information.Example to avoid duplicate customers.

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d)Timeliness -indevelopment existing through respect to the company demands.Example indevelopment updated weekly,day-to-day or hourly.To prevent obtain outdated indevelopment.
i)Online customers deliberately enter inspecific information to defend their privacy(fake name,fake address)
iii)Call enter operators enter abbreviated or erroneous indevelopment by accident or to conserve time(customer company usage short develop only once they received comsimple however once to essential in information they do not remember)
iv)Third party & external indevelopment consists of inconsistencies, inaccuracies &errors(gain information from supplier did not complete)