Why neighborhoods Move

Students think about the push and pull components that reason groups of human being or communities to move. Then they investigate their very own community’s history.

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1. Have students discuss reasons totality groups or communities might move to one more location.Review v students few of the push factors and also pull factors that reason individuals to move from one ar to another. Then have actually students discuss feasible reasons that whole groups or communities might relocate to one more location. Administer them with the complying with examples:

human-made environmental tragedies that do it unsafe to remain in one areanatural calamities that do it unsafe to continue to be in an areathe ns of industries or employers in one areaa less excessive climatecultural resourcesjob opportunities

Have students determine which are press factors and which space pull factors. Have students add their own examples of added push and pull factors.2. Have tiny groups investigate her community’s history.Divide college student into little groups. Provide groups with historical documents, newspaper articles, photographs, and also other records you gathered. Write the questions listed below on the board, and also ask college student to find the answers come the questions as they check out the materials:

What push components can girlfriend find? Why did people leave the community?What pull determinants can you find? Why did civilization move right into the community?


3. Have actually groups existing their result to the class. Have student create and also share brief, simple presentations that show migration to and from your community. Have actually students draw pictures that display these push and pull factors and explain their drawings to the class.

Informal Assessment

Check students’ comprehension. Ask:

What is a push factor?What is a traction factor?

Extending the Learning

Have students add captions because that each press or pull element in their drawings.

topics & self-controls location Social researches World background
finding out Objectives

Students will:

explain migration in terms of push and pull factors define their community’s migration background
an abilities Summary

This task targets the complying with skills:

crucial Thinking skills assessing psychic Geographic an abilities

Connections to national Standards, Principles, and Practices

national Council because that Social researches Curriculum requirements National geography Standards
materials You carry out Construction document Historical documents about your ar Markers paper Pencils
group Small-group indict other Notes

Before beginning this activity, gather historic documents, newspaper articles, photographs, and also other documents that help to tell her community’s migration story.

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It’s vital to know why people move, or the push and also pull determinants that cause them come move. Push factors “push” people away from their home and include things like war. Pull determinants “pull” civilization to a brand-new home and include things like better opportunities. The reasons human being migrate space usually economic, political, cultural, or environmental.