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1. Which spanning tree traditional supports just one root bridge so that website traffic from all VLANs flows over the very same path?


MST is the Cisco implementation of MSTP, an IEEE conventional protocol that gives approximately 16 instances of RSTP. PVST+ gives a separate 802.1D spanning-tree instance for each VLAN that is configured in the network-related. 802.1D is the original STP traditional characterized by the IEEE and also allows for only one root bridge for all VLANs. 802.1w, or RSTP, offers much faster convergence yet still uses only one STP instance for all VLANs.

2. Which two forms of extending tree protocols deserve to cause suboptimal traffic flows because they assume only one spanning-tree circumstances for the whole bridged network? (Choose 2.)


STP and RSTP assume only one IEEE 802.1D spanning-tree instance for the whole connected netjob-related irrespective of the number of VLANs, This have the right to bring about suboptimal website traffic flow problems. PVST+ provides a sepaprice spanning-tree instance for each VLAN configured. Rapid PVST+ gives a sepaprice instance of 802.1w per VLAN, and also MSTP maps multiple VLANs that have the exact same web traffic flow requirements right into the very same spanning-tree instance yet permits for even more than one circumstances for discomparable website traffic flows.

3. In which two PVST+ port says are MAC addresses learned? (Choose two.)


The 2 PVST+ port claims throughout which MAC addresses are learned and populate the MAC attend to table are the learning and also the forwarding claims.

4. Which 2 netjob-related style features call for Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) to ensure correct network operation? (Choose two.)

redundant web links in between Layer 2 switcheslink-state dynamic routing that provides redundant routesimplementing VLANs to contain broadcastsstatic default routesrerelocating single points of faitempt via multiple Layer 2 switches

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is required to ensure correct network-related operation as soon as designing a netoccupational with multiple interassociated Layer 2 switches or making use of redundant links to eliminate single points of faiattract in between Layer 2 switches. Routing is a Layer 3 function and also does not relate to STP. VLANs carry out mitigate the number of broadactors domains yet relate to Layer 3 subnets, not STP.

5. Which STP priority configuration would ensure that a switch would certainly constantly be the root switch?

spanning-tree vlan 10 root primaryspanning-tree vlan 10 priority 0spanning-tree vlan 10 priority 4096spanning-tree vlan 10 priority 61440

Although the spanning-tree vlan 10 root main command will ensure a switch will certainly have actually a bridge priority value lower than various other bridges presented to the network, the spanning-tree vlan 10 priority 0 command ensures the bridge priority takes precedence over all various other priorities.

6. Fill in the empty. Do not use abbreviations.The spanning-tree _______ worldwide configuration command is supplied to allow Rapid PVST+.Correct Answer: mode rapid-pvst

7. What port kind is used to interattach switches in a switch stack?


8. What is the function of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)?

stays clear of Layer 2 loopsavoids routing loops on a routercreates smaller broadcast domainsenables Cisco gadgets to exchange routing table updatescreates smaller collision domains

The Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) creates one course with a switch network-related in order to prevent Layer 2 loops.

9. What added indevelopment is contained in the 12-little extfinished system ID of a BPDU?

MAC addressport IDVLAN IDIP address

The BPDU has actually 3 fields; the bridge priority, the extended device ID, and also the MAC deal with. The extfinished device ID contains 12 bits that recognize the VLAN ID.

10. Refer to the exhibit. Which trunk connect will certainly not forward any website traffic after the root bridge election process is complete?


S4 has actually the lowest bridge ID, thus S4 is the root bridge. Because the route expense S1-S2-S4 is lower than the course price S1-S3-S4, route S1-S2-S4 is the desired path for S1 to reach S4. Therefore, STP will certainly collection the S1 port Fa0/1 to a blocking state, and the trunk link Trunk2 will certainly not forward any kind of traffic.

11. Which protocol gives approximately 16 instances of RSTP, combines many VLANs with the exact same physical and logical topology into a prevalent RSTP circumstances, and also offers support for PortFast, BPDU guard, BPDU filter, root guard, and loop guard?


MST is the Cisco implementation of MSTP, an IEEE standard protocol that gives as much as 16 instances of RSTP and also combines many VLANs via the exact same physical and also logical topology right into a widespread RSTP circumstances. Each circumstances supports PortRapid, BPDU guard, BPDU filter, root guard, and also loop guard. STP and RSTP assume just one spanning-tree instance for the entire bridged network-related, regardmuch less of the number of VLANs. PVST+ gives a sepaprice 802.1D spanning-tree instance for each VLAN that is configured in the netjob-related.

12. Which port state will switch ports automatically transition to once configured for PortFast?


PortQuick permits a switch port to bypass the listening and also learning states and also change instantly to the forwarding state.

13. Refer to the exhibit. Which switch will be chosen the root bridge and also which switch will certainly area a port in blocking mode? (Choose two.)


SW1 will become the root bridge.SW2 will certainly get a port blocked.SW4 will certainly come to be the root bridge.SW2 will certainly become the root bridge.SW3 will end up being the root bridge.SW4 will certainly obtain a port blocked.

The spanning-tree root bridge election process determines which switch becomes root bridge based initially on the lowest priority number and also then by lowest MAC resolve. Since every one of the switches have the exact same priority value, SW3 becomes the root bridge based on lowest MAC resolve. To determine which ports are blocking or forwarding, first identify which ports end up being the root port on each switch. Then determine which port becomes the designated port for each attach.

14. What is an advantage of PVST+?

PVST+ optimizes performance on the netoccupational via autoselection of the root bridge.PVST+ reduces bandwidth usage compared to typical implementations of STP that usage CST.PVST+ needs fewer CPU cycles for all the switches in the network-related.PVST+ optimizes performance on the netoccupational via fill sharing.

PVST+ results in optimum fill balancing. However, this is completed by manually configuring switches to be elected as root bridges for various VLANs on the netoccupational. The root bridges are not instantly selected. Furthermore, having spanning-tree instances for each VLAN actually consumes more bandwidth and also it rises the CPU cycles for all the switches in the netoccupational.

15. To achieve a review of the spanning tree standing of a switched netjob-related, a netjob-related engineer concerns the display spanning-tree command on a switch. Which 2 items of indevelopment will certainly this command display? (Choose 2.)

The function of the ports in all VLANs.The root bridge BID.The number of broadcasts received on each root port.The IP address of the monitoring VLAN interconfront.The status of native VLAN ports.

The present spanning-tree command will certainly display the condition of STP for all VLANs that are characterized on a switch and also other information including the root bridge BID. It does not show the number of broadactors packets got on the ports. The IP deal with of the monitoring VLAN interface is not regarded STP and also is presented by the show running-configuration command also.

16. A network administrator is preparing the implementation of Rapid PVST+ on a manufacturing netjob-related. How are the Rapid PVST+ connect forms established on the switch interfaces?

Link forms can only be established if PortQuick has been configured.Link forms are figured out immediately.Link kinds must be configured through specific port configuration commands.Link forms can just be configured on access ports configured with a single VLAN.

When Rapid PVST+ is being applied, link forms are immediately determined however deserve to be stated manually. Link types can be either point-to-point, common, or edge.

17. If no bridge priority is configured in PVST, which criteria is thought about when electing the root bridge?

highest MAC addresslowest MAC addresslowest IP addressgreatest IP address

Only one switch deserve to be the root bridge for a VLAN. The root bridge is the switch via the lowest BID. The BID is determined by priority and the MAC resolve. If no priority is configured then all switches use the default priority and also the election of the root bridge will be based upon the lowest MAC attend to.

18. What is the outcome of a Layer 2 broadactors storm?

ARP broadactors requests are went back to the transmitting organize.CSMA/CD will certainly cause each organize to continue transmitting frames.New web traffic is discarded by the switch because it is unable to be processed.Routers will certainly take over the forwarding of frames as switches come to be congested.

When the netoccupational is saturated with broadcast traffic that is looping in between switches, brand-new traffic is discarded by each switch because it is unable to be processed.

19. Open the PT Activity. Perdevelop the jobs in the activity instructions and then answer the question. Which switch is the root bridge?


Click on each COMPUTER.Use the Terminal application.Issue the command also display spanning-tree.The switch that is the root bridge will be proclaimed in the root bridge MAC resolve area.

20. In which two port states does a switch learn MAC addresses and procedure BPDUs in a PVST network? (Choose 2.)


Switches learn MAC addresses at the discovering and also forwarding port claims. They get and also process BPDUs at the blocking, listening, finding out, and also forwarding port says.

21. Which Cisco switch feature ensures that configured switch edge ports execute not cause Layer 2 loops if a port is mistakenly linked to another switch?

PortFastextfinished device IDBPDU guardPVST+

If switch access ports are configured as edge ports making use of PortFast, BPDUs have to never before be obtained on those ports. Cisco switches assistance a function called BPDU guard. When it is permitted, BPDU guard will certainly put an edge port in an error-disabled state if a BPDU is received by the port. This will certainly prevent a Layer 2 loop emerging. PVST+ is an implementation of the Spanning Tree Protocol. The extfinished mechanism ID is a device of including VLAN ID information in the bridge ID (BID) for each VLAN.

22. What is a characteristic of a Layer 2 loop?

Broadactors frames are forwarded ago to the sending switch.The Time-to-Live attribute of a frame is collection to infinity.Routers continually forward packets to various other routers.A switch is continually forwarding the exact same unicast frame.

A Layer 2 loop occurs once broadcast frames are forwarded earlier to the sfinishing switch through a backup connect. Layer 2 frames perform not have a Time-to-Live (TTL) attribute. Routers forward packets at Layer 3 (the network layer) not Layer 2.

23. Refer to the exhilittle bit. What is the role of the SW3 switch?


designated switchroot bridgepermitted bridgeneighborhood bridgeedge switch

Switch SW3 is the STP root as can be watched in the display spanning-tree command output.

24. Which 3 components are combined to create a bridge ID?

MAC addressextfinished system IDIP addresscostbridge priorityport ID

The three components that are unified to develop a bridge ID are bridge priority, extended device ID, and also MAC resolve.

25. Which RSTP ports are connected to finish devices?

edge portsdesignated portstrunk portsroot ports

26. Match the spanning-tree feature through the protocol kind. (Not all alternatives are supplied.)

MST is the Cisco implementation of MSTP (IEEE 802.1s).

Older Version

27. Refer to the exhilittle bit. Which switching innovation would certainly permit each accessibility layer switch connect to be aggregated to carry out more bandwidth in between each Layer 2 switch and also the Layer 3 switch?



28. What is the most cost-effective strategy of fixing interface congestion that is resulted in by a high level of traffic between two switches?

rise uplink speedadd more VLANs to reduce broadcast domainsaccumulation ports by using EtherChannelinsert a rexternal between the switches

29. Which 2 pack balancing approaches deserve to be applied with EtherChannel technology? (Choose 2.)

destination MAC to location IPlocation IP to destination MACresource MAC to location MAC source IP to location IPlocation MAC to source MACdestination IP to source IP

30. Which statement defines an EtherChannel implementation?

EtherChannel opeprices only at Layer 2.PAgP cannot be offered in conjunction through EtherChannel.A trunked port deserve to be part of an EtherChannel bundle. EtherChannel deserve to support up to a maximum of ten separate web links.

31. What is an advantage of using LACP?

rises redundancy to Layer 3 devicesdecreases the opportunity of a spanning-tree loopallows automatic formation of EtherChannel linksoffers a simulated atmosphere for trial and error attach aggregationdecreases the amount of configuration that is needed on a switch for EtherChannel

32. Which statement is true regarding the usage of PAgP to develop EtherChannels?

It requires full duplex.It is Cisco proprietary.It requires more physical web links than LACP does.It rises the number of ports that are participating in spanning tree.It mandays that an even number of ports (2, 4, 6, etc.) be provided for aggregation.

33. Which 2 protocols are link aggregation protocols? (Choose two.)


34. Which PAgP mode combicountry will certainly create an EtherChannel?

switch 1 set to on; switch 2 set to preferable.switch 1 set to desirable; switch 2 collection to preferable.switch 1 set to auto; switch 2 set to auto.switch 1 set to auto; switch 2 collection to on.

35. Refer to the exhilittle. The administrator tried to create an EtherChannel in between S1 and the various other two switches through the commands that are presented, however was uneffective. What is the problem?


Traffic deserve to just be sent to two various switches if EtherChannel is applied on Gigalittle bit Ethernet interfaces.Traffic can just be sent to two various switches if EtherChannel is applied on Layer 3 switches.Traffic cannot be sent out to 2 various switches via the exact same EtherChannel attach.Traffic cannot be sent to 2 different switches, yet just to two various gadgets like an EtherChannel-enabled server and also a switch.

36. When a variety of ports is being configured for EtherChannel, which mode will certainly configure LACP so that it initiates the EtherChannel negotiation?


37. When a selection of ports is being configured for EtherChannel by the use of PAgP, which mode will certainly form the bundled channel just if the port receives PAgP packets from one more device?


38. As the netoccupational administrator you have actually been asked to implement EtherChannel on the corporate netjob-related. What does this configuration consist of?

giving redundant links that dynamically block or forward trafficgrouping multiple physical ports to rise bandwidth between 2 switchesgrouping two devices to share a digital IP addressoffering redundant devices to enable traffic to flow in the event of tool failure

39. Refer to the exhilittle. An EtherChannel was configured in between switches S1 and S2, however the interencounters execute not develop an EtherChannel. What is the problem?


The interconfront port-channel number hregarding be various on each switch.The switch ports were not configured via rate and duplex mode.The switch ports need to be configured as access ports through each port having a VLAN assigned.The EtherChannel was not configured via the exact same enabled range of VLANs on each interconfront.

40. Which command also will initiate EtherChannel interface configuration mode?

channel-team group-identifierinterchallenge port-channel interface-identifierinterconfront interface-identifierinterchallenge variety interface-identifier

41. What is a finest exercise to use before beginning an EtherChannel implementation?

Assign impacted interfaces to VLAN 1.Asauthorize influenced interdeals with to the monitoring VLAN.Shut dvery own each of the affected interdeals with.Enable each of the affected interfaces.Assign affected interdeals with to an unused VLAN.

42. Which 3 choices need to enhance in order to establish an EtherChannel between 2 directly associated switches? (Choose 3.)

port numbers that are used for the EtherChannelVLAN memberships of the interfaces that are offered for EtherChanneldoprimary names on the switchesspeed of the interencounters that are offered for EtherChannel duplex settings of the interdeals with that are offered for EtherChannel port protection settings on the interdeals with that supplied for EtherChannel

43. An EtherChannel link making use of LACP was developed between 2 switches, S1 and S2. While verifying the configuration, which mode combicountry could be utilized on both switches?

S1-on and S2-passiveS1-passive and also S2-passiveS1-on and S2-activeS1-passive and also S2-active

44. Refer to the exhilittle bit. A netjob-related administrator has actually chose that an EtherChannel in between ports 0/1 and 0/2 on switches S1 and S2 would certainly help performance. After making the configuration, the administrator notices no performance obtain. Based on the output that is displayed, what two feasible assumptions might a netjob-related administrator make? (Choose 2.)


The EtherChannel bundle is functioning.The EtherChannel bundle is not functioning. One of the ports on S2 was not configured appropriately.Switch S2 did not usage a compatible EtherChannel mode.LACP and also PAgP were both provided to develop the EtherChannel.Switch S2 have to be configured so that the maximum number of port networks is enhanced.

45. The trunk connect in between two 2960 switches has actually got to its capacity. How have the right to this be addressed in the many economical way?

Increase the rate of the ports.Decrease the size of the inter-switch collision domajor by configuring extra VLANs.Combine physical ports into a high-speed logical connect by configuring EtherChannel.Create additional broadcast domain names by inserting a router in between the switches.

46. Which statement defines a characteristic of EtherChannel?

It have the right to integrate approximately a maximum of 4 physical links.It deserve to bundle blended kinds of 100 Mb/s and also 1Gb/s Ethernet web links.It consists of multiple parallel web links between a switch and also a rexternal.It is made by combining multiple physical web links that are viewed as one link between 2 switches.

47. What are 2 advantages of using LACP? (Choose 2.)

increases redundancy to Layer 3 deviceseliminates the require for the spanning-tree protocolenables automatic development of EtherChannel linksoffers a simulated environment for experimentation connect aggregationdecreases the amount of configuration that is necessary on a switch for EtherChannelenables usage of multivendor devices

48. Which 3 settings should complement in order for switch ports to create an EtherChannel? (Choose 3.)

The switch port numbers that will be combined to create the EtherChannel have to complement.Non-trunk ports need to belengthy to the very same VLAN.The SNMP community strings have to be configured the exact same.The interdeals with should be configured to the exact same rate. The duplex settings of the switch ports on both sides of the physical attach need to enhance.

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Port security settings on the associated physical interencounters need to be configured to the exact same violation mode.

49. A netjob-related administrator is configuring an EtherChannel attach between switches SW1 and also SW2 by using the command SW1(config-if-range)# channel-group 1 mode passive. Which command must be used on SW2 to permit this EtherChannel?

SW2(config-if-range)# channel-team 1 mode autoSW2(config-if-range)# channel-group 1 mode activeSW2(config-if-range)# channel-team 1 mode passiveSW2(config-if-range)# channel-group 1 mode desirable

50. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has decided that an EtherChannel in between ports 0/1 and also 0/2 on switches S1 and S2 would help performance. After making the configuration, the administrator notices no performance acquire. Based on the output that is displayed, what two assumptions deserve to the netoccupational administrator make? (Choose 2.)