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19. As soon as a taxation is put on th sellers the lemonade ,the burden of the taxation will be shared by the buyers and the sellers, yet the division of the burden is not always equal. Hence,option(…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: 19. Once a tax is inserted on the sellers the lemonadk a. The sellers be affected by each other the tire hurden of the ta b, the buyers be afflicted with the whole burden that the taxes . The load of the tax will be always be equally split betwon the buyers and the sellers d. The load of the taxation will be sharod through the buyers and the sellers, yet the division of the burden is not constantly equal 20 mean sellers ofliqur สe tequrad come scnd $1 00 tothe goinment for every bute oflquor they sell. Further, expect this tax reasons the price payment by buyers the liquor to rise by S0.80 per botle which of he following tatements is comect This tax reasons the supply curve for liquor come shat upard by $1.00 in ~ ach quntity the liquor b. The eflective price recdived by sellers is S0.20 per boele less than it to be befone the tax c. Eighty percent that the burdan the the tax drops oe buyars d. All of the over are comact 21. A tas on the buyers of popcors a increases the size of the popcom industry b. Reduce the sine that the popcom markct c. Has actually no effect on the sine the the papcom industry d. May increase, dacrease, or have no effect on the dimension of the popcorn industry 22. Ithe govemmnt levics a $500 taxation per automobile on bryens the can, then the price payment by buyors the ears would a increase by much less than $500 b. Boost by cxactly S50 c. Increase by much more than 5500 d. Diminish by an indeteminate amount 23. Suppose there is right now a tax of $50 per ticket ~ above airline ticks Buyers of airline Sckets are required pay the taxation to the government lfthe ux lessened San S50 pa ticket come $30 every ucket, then a the demand curve will change upward by $29, and also the efflective price obtained by selers will ncrease through $20 b. The demand curve will shift upwand through $20, and the efflective price obtained by sellers will ncrease by much less than $20 c the supply curve will shift dowward by $20, and the price payment by buyers will certainly decrease through $20 d. The it is provided curve will change dowwward by 520 and the price paid by buyers will decrease by less than $20 24. I m sorry of the adhering to is nat exactly a. Tuxes levied ~ above sellers and also taxes levied ~ above buyers are ธส cqurvalet b. A tax areas a wedge betweemn the price the buyers pay and also the price the sellers receive. . The wedge in between the buyers price and also the sellers price is the same, regardess of even if it is the taxes is levied ~ above buyers or sellers d. In the brand-new ater-tax equilibrium, buyers and also sellars re-publishing the burdam of the taxes 25. Which of the following causes the price paid by buyers come be different than the price obtained by sellers a. A binding price floor b. A binding price ceiling c. A tax ce the an excellent 5/9 d. Much more than among the over is corract 26. The price obtained by sellers in a sector will increase if the govemment a decreases a binding price floor in the markot b, to reduce a binding price ceiling in the marka s. Reduce a taxation on the an excellent sold in that market d. None of the over is correct 27 The price obtained by sellers in a industry will decrease if the govenmen a imposes a binding price floar in that sector b. Reduce a binding price cesling in tha industry d. Increases a binding price floor in the markct