It"s late afternoon in coal Valley and Elizabeth has actually just dismissed her course for the day. Together the students filter the end of their classroom, Jack Thornton wanders in to speak through Elizabeth. Having actually finally concerned grips through his feelings towards her, Jack provides his an initial true romantic gesture in the direction of Elizabeth. Hope to comprise for his last attempt in ~ a date, Jack invites Elizabeth to dinner. V some help, Jack plans a romantic candlelit meal for two in Abigail"s cafe. Tiny do Jack or Elizabeth realize that the arrival of a stagecoach will certainly usher in surprises that can upend the lives of anyone in charcoal Valley.

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The very first surprise to exit the stagecoach is one more Mountie, Constable Patrick O"Reilly. Jack automatically greets the constable and also puzzled, asks him, "Where"s her horse?" as Constable O"Reilly replies, "She wanted to make a grand entrance," a young aristocratic woman comes galloping along. Elizabeth screams out pack as she unexpectedly recognizes she sister Julie. The 2 women embrace, yet from the moment she dismounts she horse, it"s clear the Julie is completely consumed with the assimilated romance between her sister and also Jack.

In the meantime, Jack help Julie"s an individual escort, Constable O"Reilly, get settled into his quarters. Constable O"Reilly, a guy of high rank and also experience, has actually spent the critical 15 year chasing outlaws ~ above the frontier. Curiosity piqued, Jack asks O"Reilly why a man of such stature would certainly bother v a an easy escort assignment. O"Reilly describes that having recently acquired married and also now expecting his very first child, his concerns have adjusted and he"s made decision to work out down. What Jack hadn"t intended is the his month old request for a transfer has been accepted and O"Reilly is in Coal sink to change him. Jack is now faced with the complicated decision of following his dreams or adhering to his heart. And also while a future through Elizabeth appears within his grasp, a refuse of his transfer can mean the end of his career as a Mountie.

At the very same time, Abigail’s brand-new career venture appears to be acquisition off. While business is going well, she does have one persistent problem, the consistent appearance the Mr. Henry Gowen. While Mr. Gowen is becoming an ext and an ext infatuated v his brand-new business partner, Abigail battles to hide she disdain because that the man. What"s more, Jack confides in Abigail that he might have proof that the firm cut corners to conserve money i beg your pardon may have led come the disastrous mine explosion. Abigail tells Jack the leading up to the accident, her husband had been "locking horns" with Mr. Gowen and that his safety involves may have been the reason why. Jack asks for Abigail"s help in conducting the investigation, to, i beg your pardon she agrees. The possibility to additional investigate their suspicions comes once Mr. Gowen attempts to ask Abigail for a date. While she flat out rejects his advances, she go concede that as business partners they can meet because that a strictly experienced lunch in his office. With he opportunity now available, Abigail sets the end to get much more information ~ above what resulted in the tragic mine explosion.

Meanwhile Julie has discovered a method to stumble right into her very own risky situation. When accompanying Elizabeth and also her student on an the end entomology excursion, Julie bring away a minute to check out the wilderness. If in the forest, Julie comes across Mr. Spurlock"s old shack. Curiosity leads her inside where she meet a young man, brandishing a gun. The male is clearly injured, bleeding profusely indigenous a gunshot wound in his back. Claiming his injuries were a result of his chasing outlaws, Julie provides to obtain him part bandages, alcohol, and food. The reluctantly accepts and introduces himself as Nathaniel. What Julie doesn"t understand is that Nathaniel is the accused leader the the infamous and also elusive Tolliver gang. Responsible for plenty of train and back robberies in the region, The Tolliver gang is among the most wanted criminal on the frontier. Later, once Julie returns with the supplies, Nathaniel discover his felonious past, yet says the his older brother is the mastermind that the gang and that he, Nathaniel, to be never provided a selection but to live a life that crime.

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Revelations proceed to come forward once Jack lastly tells Elizabeth about his carry orders. A upper heart Elizabeth confides in Abigail, who subsequently reminds Elizabeth the nothing will certainly stand in the way of true love. Jack too gets advice native Gabe, among Elizabeth"s young students. Gabe speak Jack that even at his young age he is specific of the girl he will marry. Gabe tells Jack the "sometimes you view a girl and also your whole future is clear together a bell." The emotion hits Jack so tough that that decides to disapprove his move orders. Yet when Jack tells Elizabeth that his decision she emotionally refuses come let Jack abandon his career because that her. Particular that it will lead him to resent her, Elizabeth tells Jack the he have to leave charcoal Valley. As complicated as the decision is, Jack concedes and also prepares to head out of town. Before riding turn off Jack speak Constable O"Reilly the he has actually left files on the mining accident because that him and that Abigail can be a valuable ally in the investigation. Constable O"Reilly thanks Jack and also promises to store Elizabeth safe.

Meanwhile, Julie"s brand-new friend Nathaniel has emerged sepsis as an outcome from his wounds. Burn up with fever, Julie has actually no selection but to lug him right into Coal valley for immediate medical attention. As the rain comes down Julie and Nathaniel arrive at Abigail’s door. Julie yells for aid and the ladies rush to acquire Nathaniel inside. Later, the town medical professional arrives to dress Nathaniel’s wounds and sedate him. He tells the females that Nathaniel"s problem is precarious in ~ best. His an essential injuries and also lackluster story leaving Elizabeth on edge. Julie assures Elizabeth the Nathaniel will certainly be no trouble and that if noþeles should take place Jack will absolutely come to your rescue. She flippant mindset sends Elizabeth over the edge, and also a overwhelming of emotions operation over her. She weeps for Jack and lambasts her sister because that living in a fairytale world. But damaged hearts space not the only problem running through Coal Valley. Together the rain clears the next day, a wanted poster v Nathaniel "Nate" Tolliver"s photo arrives in ~ the general Store. With a infamous outlaw in your midst, it appears that Jack"s leaving could not come at any kind of worse that time for anyone in charcoal Valley.