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(Spoken)You know, as soon as you to speak your marriage vows, they're claimed to be for realI mean, if friend think back about what you really said about honor, loving and also obeying till death do us component and allBut the shouldn't be that way, it should, it should, it must be lies due to the fact that it transforms out to be liesIf you don't honor what friend said, friend lie to God. The words must be changedOoh now as ns recall, us tried a million timesAgain and also again and also again, and that isn't allI offered my love to you every time to make amendsSuddenly I begin to realize i can't make itPretty birds fly away, I had actually to leaving you for my health's sakeWhat come do? make you pay, because that leaving you, mine fine, is to pay foreverSo if a fresh brand-new love come in, i won't to speak those native againInstead I'll speak I'll try to love and protect youWith every my love as lengthy as you desire me come babyOoh if i love again I'm gonna try a new way this timeMemories that the things we did; part we're proud of, part we hidSo once two world have come part, periodically it renders them strongerDo girlfriend remember every one of the bullshit, baby?You say you love me through all her heartIf you ever before loved me with every one of your heartYou'd never ever take a million dollars come part
I yes, really tried, you understand I tried, five babyAlthough us tried, all of those assures was nothin' yet liesI yes, really tried, you understand how tough I tried, yes, really tried(All that rehearsing, baby)We yes, really lied, didn't we baby?And on peak of the you have scandalized, mine nameWhat ns can't understand is if friend love meHow could you turn me in come the policeDidn't i love you an excellent and shot to take care of you?Best ns could, you were so divine and your love was like mellow winePains that love, mile of tears, enough to last me for my lifetimeBroken mind last because that years, so break away to the new-day sunshineOne point I can promise, friend; I'll never be earlier againBut I'm no really bitter, babeI great you every the luck and all the love in the worldGood luck in the worldBut I recognize you'll never be satisfiedNo, you still want me standin' by your sideMemories haunt you every the timeI will never leave her mindGot judgment on her side;You've said poor things and you've lied

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Still ns remember some of the great things, babyLike love after ~ dark and also picnics in parksThose room the days I'll not forget in my lifeI'd fairly remember, remember the delight we shared babyI'd quite remember all the fun we hadAll I ever before really want wasTo love you and also treat friend rightAll we did was fuss and fightIt don't issue babyTake a lesson from it every (come on)I never thought I'd watch the day whenYou'd put me with what you placed me throughYou tried her bestYou speak I provided you no restWhen go you avoid loving me?When walk I avoid loving you?When go you avoid loving me?When walk I protect against loving you?When walk you stop loving me?When walk I prevent loving you?