HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in the next episode booth speak hannah about bones's fellings because that him, so there definatly walking to break up.

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I've heard native a girlfriend who review somewhere that Booth is walking to propose Hannah but she transforms him down and then she pipeline him. Ns hope it's truth I exhausted of Hannah
nime-deschanel posted overayearago
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no.the spoilers claims that the upcoming engagement is CAM"s v her daughter doctor.hope that is helpfull.

No. The spoiler simply says that there will certainly be a proposal...but they don"t speak which couple. We don"t understand who proposes come who...so it can be Booth/Hannah...BUT I very doubt Booth/Hannah will actually acquire married. That is something i actually have to see take place on-screen to believe it. Plus, they only a "proposal," no an "engagement." An executive producer the the show, Stephen Nathan said many times the Hannah will leave.

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Right now there space two proposals. Nothing has actually been exit confirming that it is and also nothing has been released saying that there is an yes, really wedding. I bet Booth does suggest to Hannah...or thinks about it yet I doubt they"ll also be engaged. Lock won"t acquire married.
I have read yesterday the Booth gonna proposale come Hannah and hannah revolve in down that the gonna proposale come Brennan or the Sully is coming ago and the Brennan gonna proposale to sully yet spolier confused me v that proposale therefore is dont understand if is true
It could Cam, Booth, or Sweets(again), since it has been stated that they room two suggest this seasons. It has likewise been claimed that Hannah will be back, when she leaves because Brennan & Hannah space "friends".



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