EDC las Vegas will be returning to the las Vegas motor Speedway come celebrate 21 year on June 16th, 17th, and 18th!

Today, Insomniac Events has actually announced the dates and on-sale information for the 21st version of the electrical Daisy Carnival in las Vegas. As one of their flagship events, EDC to be taken to new heights in 2016 during their solemn event of two decades under the electric sky. We are proud to announce that EDC ras Vegas will certainly be return to the las Vegas engine Speedway ~ above June 16th, 17th, and also 18th, 2017!

“Last year us celebrated 20 years of EDC v over 400,000 beautiful people in las Vegas, and it was truly a milestone because that Insomniac” claimed Pasquale Rotella, Founder and also CEO the Insomniac. “Each year us strive to push the limits of what a live music experience deserve to be, and how we can build emotions and also memories the last a lifetime. An accepting ar and society is the foundation that EDC was constructed upon and also I look forward to creating new experiences in 2017 because that our Headliners all over the world.”

Three-day basic admission and VIP ticket on revenue Monday, November 28 in ~ 12 pm PT. Click below for information about tickets!

Early Owl 3-day general Admission passes begin at $335 to add taxes and fees, and are supposed to sell out promptly, as in vault years. Later on Owl 3-Day general Admission passes room priced in ~ $355 to add taxes and also fees. Three-day VIP passes are priced in ~ $699 add to taxes and fees. Layaway options will be available.

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Shuttle overcome will likewise go top top sale for $90 to add taxes and fees. Additionally, premiere parking will be available for $120 add to taxes and fees. A premier spaceship pass option, priced in ~ $199 plus taxes and fees, will certainly be available for the an initial time with an ext intimate spaceship buses, designated organization times, an to exclude, gift bag and also more. Visit below for much more information ~ above shuttles and here for additional information ~ above three-day festival passes.

Curious around how EDC ras Vegas 2016 go down? Click here for our complete review that the event!

Check out the EDC las Vegas 2017 notice Trailer top top YouTube:

Want come travel earlier in time? Click below for past editions of the EDC ras Vegas trailer!

EDC ras Vegas 2016 was full of exceptional experiences, even if it is it was the first ever same-sex wedding in Nevada, the eight stages that were blaring remarkable music, or being surrounding by thousands of fellow music lovers from approximately the globe, the was absolutely not one to miss! Insomniac’s charitable giving program, Insomniac Cares, partnered through eBay because that Charity to host the second annual EDC week Charity Auction, supplying fans the chance to bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences surrounding EDC ras Vegas. An significant $120,000 was increased for nonprofit, The shade Tree, dedicated to boosting the stays of women, children, and their pets impacted by domestic violence and crisis in the las Vegas valley.

For those of friend looking for much more fun, EDC Week will return through from June 12 – 19. Insomniac will carry the party to las Vegas’ top clubs and also venues including XS, Wet Republic, Marquee, Omnia, and also more. Visit EDCWeek.com for much more details ~ above EDC week events.

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