The Requisitions in Dragon age Inquisition will assist you get influence and also power because that the battle Table. These space basically booty collecting quests that have the right to be uncovered in many of the areas. This overview will aid you find all of them and beat them through no trouble at all!

Dragon age Inquisition Hinterlands Requisitions

Hinterlands Puzzle box Requisition – when you acquire to the Hinterlands you should see a ! on your map near the camp. Girlfriend will need 5 ram skins, 5 Obsidian, 3 Drakestones and also 1 decision grace. Ram skins can be found all over The Hinterlands. The Drakestones are additionally in the Hinterlands within caves, they space red stones. I found my decision Grace in the north component of the Hinterlands in the wolf Hollow. The Obsidian deserve to be found in the Dragon’s Nest. Over there is a high level Dragon in that area therefore you can need to wait till you room level 10+

Hinterlands field Tents Requisition – This take away 5 Silk and also 5 Lambswool to complete. I uncovered these on various opponents throughout the Hinterlands.

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Hinterlands Geological survey Requisition – one more one you can get from the scout in The Hinterlands. This one takes 10 Iron and also 5 Drakestones which can both be discovered on the mountain side in The Hinterlands.

Dragon period Inquisition The Fallow Mire Requisitions

Blue Vitriol survey In The Mire – Speak to the scout in ~ the camp when you arrive at The Fallow Mire to gain this Requisition. Girlfriend will require 20 Blue Vitriol and also 10 Summer stone to complete this quest. Ns had more than sufficient from my adventures in the Hinterlands to finish this. If you need some both can be uncovered on the mountain sides in this area.

Elixer Requisition In The Mire – This one bring away 5 Elfroot and also 5 diseased Tissue. You should have sufficient Elfroot native the Hinterlands. Girlfriend can discover the organization on corpses scattered approximately the area. Ns literally had to run roughly clicking the rod in to find the copses near the waters edge. After i finished this one when I acquired it over and over again.

Dragon period Inquisition The Storm coastline Requisitions

Anitvenom – you will require 10 Elfroot and also 5 Spider Ichor for this quest. The Elfroot have the right to be uncovered all over the place and also you most likely already have 10. The Spider Ichor have the right to be uncovered on dead spiders in the caves close to the beach. That isn’t a 100% fall rate but I had enough by the moment I win the area. This can be done multiple times.

Mercy’s Crest – I’m not certain if I got this from the war Room or when I obtained to the Storm Coast however I had it when I looked in ~ my table. Friend will need 2 Serpent Stones and also 1 Deepstalker hide. The Serpent stone can be uncovered on the mountain side near in The Storm Coast and the Deepstalkers deserve to be found in the cavern north west the the starter camp in The Storm Coast. Girlfriend will obtain the Amulet i m sorry will provide you + 1 power as soon as you use it. I’m not sure if it deserve to be used somewhere else so I chose to save mine because that now.

Dragon age Inquisition Forbidden Oasis Requisitions

Rare Alloys Requisition – This take away 4 Paragon’s Luster and 4 Serpent Stones. Both of these room ore climbs girlfriend can uncover while trying out the Oasis.


Dragon age Inquisition Creastwood Requisitions

Iron inspection In Crestwood – You need 20 Iron and 10 Obsidian for this mission. Girlfriend can discover Iron every over and also Obsidian in the caves roughly the area.

Inquisition Propaganda – you will need 1 Druffalo Hide and 5 Emberium because that this mission. Friend can discover the Druffalo near the ranches in this area. The Emberium is every over and you will discover enough when you room doing the objectives here.

Dragon age Inquisition Exalted plains Requisitions

Exalted levels Geological Survey – an additional mining mission. Friend will require to uncover 10 Veridum and 4 Bloodstones in the area to complete this one.

Dragon age Inquisition The Western method Requisitions

Western strategy Geological Survey – beginning to watch the sample yet? yet again simply go uncover the ore in this area come beat this mission. You need 10 Lazurite and 20 Paragon’s Luster.

Dragon age Inquisition Emerald Groves Requisitions

Emerald tombs Geological Sruvey – You require 20 Pyrohite and also 1 Everite come beat this mission. The Pyrophite is common however the Everite is sort of rarely so check about the mine area for it.

Giant Lure – This one take away 3 Ring Velvet and also 10 Deep Mushrooms. The Deep Mushrooms are the plants in the area and the Ring Velvet deserve to be found on humanoid enemies.

Dragon age Inquisition Skyhold Requisitions

I didn’t establish the Logging Stands and Quarries were essential for these so ns didn’t mark the people I had down. If you understand where any kind of are please leave a comment.

According come Chaos you can acquire them from the advanced Scout Inquisition Perk(Big many thanks to Chaos for gathering most of this up for us). Mental on the map they counting as ar spots(pyramid symbols).

Logging was standing 1 – you can discover a Logging was standing in Emprise Du Lion. Go to the village near the begin of the area and also from there walk north eastern until you watch a windmill top top the river. Listed below the windmill girlfriend can claim the Logging Stand.

Logging was standing 2 – someone commented the one is in Haven whereby the buffalo and also rams and also stuff space cavorting. This one is offered in Haven, remember if you usage it because that something you lose it. (by Gillian and Chaos)

Logging was standing 3 – There’s one in the Hinterlands also actually, near the south(Thanks SpookyIntention and Chaos)

Quarry 1+2 – There are two quarries in the Western method right close to each other. I think in the southwest-ish area if ns remember correctly. They additionally are no labeled on the map at all, but one of them is likewise a landmark so there is that, i guess.(Thanks at0mic22 and Chaos)

Quarry 3 – There’s a quarry one at the storm coast, close to the furthest camp in the area. (Thanks Chaos)

Quarry 4 – Also, Northwest most point and southeast Hinterlands. (Thanks Chaos)

Quarry 5 – there is a quarry in Crestwood, due south of the Caer Bronach at the an extremely edge the the map. (Thanks to Heather Westerberg Doiron for the comment.)

Skyhold Garden – friend find all of these in her bedroom. You need 1 logging stand 30 Elfroot, 30 Spindleweed and 30 Blood Lotus to complete this requisition.

Main Watchtower – This one takes 3 Logging Stands, Quarries and also 3 soul essence. The essence is uncovered on high level demons i believe.

Courtyard Upgrade – You need 2 Quarries, 2 Logging Stands and 30 Elfroot for this upgrade. Ns am looking for the products still.

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I to be updating this together I go follow me so check ago soon for updates! If you understand one ns missed leaving a comment, they it seems ~ to adjust from time come time.