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Building Bar Graphs

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Building Bar Graphs

Bar graphs deserve to be usinter-base.net to display how something transforms over time or to compare different times. Bar graphs are an excellent for plot data the spans numerous years (or days, main . . .), has actually really big changes native year come year (or day come day . . .), or they deserve to be usinter-base.net for comparing various items in a relatinter-base.net category (for example: to compare something between different states). The complying with pages describe the different parts of a bar graph.

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The Title

The title offers a brief explanation of what is in your graph. This helps the reader recognize what castle are around to watch at. It have the right to be an imaginative or simple as lengthy as it tells what is in the graph. The title of this graph speak the leader that the graph consists of information about the 2004 unemployment rates of persons 25 years old and also older, organizinter-base.net by highest possible level the inter-base.netucation.

The Source

The source explains whereby you found the information that is in her graph. It is vital to give crinter-base.netit come those that collectinter-base.net your data! In this graph, the source tells us that we discovered our information from the inter-base.net common Core of Data.

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Bar graphs have actually an x-axis and a y-axis. In most bar graphs, prefer the one above, the x-axis operation horizontally (flat). Sometimes bar graphs space made so the the bars are sidewise like in the graph below. Climate the x-axis has numbers representing various time durations or surname of points being comparinter-base.net. In this graphs, the x-axis has names that states.


In many bar graphs, prefer the one above, the y-axis runs vertically (us and down). Sometimes bar graphs space made so that the bars room sideways prefer in the graph come the left. Then the y-axis is horizontal (flat). Typically, the y-axis has numbers for the lot of stuff being measurinter-base.net. The y-axis generally starts counting at 0 and can it is in dividinter-base.net into as numerous equal components as you desire to. In these bar graphs, the y-axis is measure up the number of schools.


The Data

The many important component of your graph is the information, or data, the contains. Bar graphs can present data in many ways and can present much more than one team of data in ~ a time. The an initial graph is a consistent bar graph through one team of data. The 2nd graph has actually two groups of data that space stackinter-base.net. The critical graph is another graph through two groups of data, yet they space presentinter-base.net next by side instead of stackinter-base.net.


The Legend

The legend tells united state what each bar represents. Just like on a map, the legend help the reader recognize what they space looking at. Legend examples can be uncovered in the 2nd and third graphs above.