In old Greek society, the Helots were farming slaves (or serfs) that were tied come the land and also did all the difficult labor in Spartan society. Helots comprised the vast bulk of the citizens of Spartan territory.


In ancient Spartan culture there were typically two Kings and also five elected Ephors. The Ephors were elected by the human body of eligible voting citizens in Sparta. Their main responsibility to be to oversee the action of Sparta’s Kings. Castle were likewise responsible for enforcing Sparta’s laws and were the leading judicial authority in Spartan territory.

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None of this answers space correct; the Spartan legal code was similar to most other Greek city-states.


The Spartans, like countless other Greek city-states, formulated an extensive legal password over numerous centuries, beginning in the early antiquated Era. However, unlike other city-states, the Spartan legal code was never ever codified and written down. Instead, it was passed on and also preserved and also strengthened native generation to generation together a kind of universally interpreted system of laws. No unlike English “common law” that the middle ages period.



For many of its history as a an effective city-state, Sparta to be ruled by 2 kings and also a body of rich aristocrats. The visibility of the 2 kings might suggest that Sparta to be a monarchy, yet in actuality the federal government was administered by a group of five oligarchs known as ephors and also an assembly the dozens of officials referred to as “the council of elders.”

None of these answers accurately explains Sparta’s connection with literature, art, and also entertainment.

The Spartan oligarchy forbade any type of male separation, personal, instance from engaging in artistic pursuits because these were deemed a waste of time.

Although literature and art were taken into consideration frivolous in Spartan society, the federal government tried come promote imaginative endeavor so as to match the fame and achievements of Athens.

The Spartans allowed minimal flexibility of expression and also only enabled literature and also art that advocated Spartan society values and obedience come the law.

Correct answer:

The Spartans permitted minimal liberty of expression and also only allowed literature and art that promoted Spartan social values and obedience come the law.


Spartan society, during the Archaic and also Classical periods, emphasized strength, loyalty, and also obedience above all other qualities. Centuries of warfare and the enslavement of neighboring peoples had actually won Sparta many enemies. As a result, every members that Spartan society were trained and educated to be vigilant, disciplined, and dedicated to the protection of Sparta native her many rivals. This normally meant that literature and art was discouraged in Spartan society, specifically as Sparta grew an ext powerful. The literature and also art that was permitted was nearly always draft to encourage Spartan society values and also to encourage obedience come the law.

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Example concern #6 : Sparta

Citizenship in Sparta to be __________.

Possible Answers:

only easily accessible to the rich oligarchs who ruled Spartan culture

conferred top top Spartan people at birth and given come helots after ~ fourteen year of service

conferred on all Spartan individuals, however withheld indigenous helots and also foreigners

available to any individual, Spartan or foreign, who was ready to serve in the Spartan army

a tenuous ideal that could be taken far if an individual was not fully dedicated to armed forces training and also the Spartan way of life

Correct answer:

a tenuous best that might be taken far if an separation, personal, instance was no fully specialized to military training and also the Spartan method of life


Citizenship in Sparta was generally conferred on every Spartans at birth. It to be never prolonged to helots or foreigners, and also even a helot who had earned his freedom could still never come to be a citizen. Citizenship was, however, a tenuous ideal in Spartan society. It could be taken far from an separation, personal, instance if that was not fully specialized to armed forces training, or if he violated the Spartan means of life. Indeed, there were several various ways in i beg your pardon a Spartan man could find himself reputed inadequate and also not helpful enough to keep his citizenship.

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Example question #7 : Sparta

Spartan boys __________.

Possible Answers:

were elevated to be pious and also devout and to withstand the temptations the earthly life

lived in a communal barracks for most of their young stays

were valued much less than girls as result of importance that reproduction and also motherhood in Spartan culture

none of these answers space accurate

were meant to work-related the fields and also perform hand-operated labor, fairly than get a classic education

Correct answer:

lived in a communal barracks for most of your young lives


Spartan culture emphasized martial prowess and also military discipline over everything else. Spartan boys were normally taken indigenous their family home at the age of seven. They were then intended to live in a communal barracks because that the remainder of your young lives. Their life to be geared roughly military training.

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Example concern #8 : Sparta

Who commanded the Spartan fleet in ~ the end of the Peloponnesian war and defeated the Athenian navy at Aegospotami in 405 BCE?

Possible Answers:






Correct answer:



Lysander was the most successful Spartan naval commander during the Peloponnesian War. His victories crippled the Athenian\"s ability to income grain to their city. The eventually damaged the Athenian fleet, forcing their last surrender.

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Example concern #9 : Sparta

What was vital result that the battle of Pylos in 425 BCE?

Possible Answers:

Capture of 120 full-blooded Spartan hoplites

Spartans sue for peace

The myth of Spartan invincibility is broken

An Athenian garrison was created in Messenia

All of these

Correct answer:

All the these


During the war of Pylos and also Sphacteria, 120 full-blooded Spartan hoplites to be stranded ~ above a barren island. Castle were compelled to surrender when peace terms were rejected by the Athenians and the Athenians subsequently surrounded them. For the very first time, the Spartans were defeated.

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Example question #10 : Sparta

Spartan society eventually declined during the timeless era as a result of __________.

Possible Answers:

the consistent invasions the Romans and Carthaginians

agricultural fail throughout greek in the 4th century

None of this answers room correct; Sparta became an ext powerful throughout the late classic era.

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population loss led to by constant warfare

the lose of the Spartan way of life after ~ the Spartan adoption of Athenian society

Correct answer:

population loss caused by consistent warfare


Sparta peaked as a Mediterranean power throughout the Peloponnesian War v Athens. In ~ one hundred years, however, Spartan society had declined to the allude where it to be not also a local power. The primary reason because that this decline was that Sparta had actually suffered massive population loss from years of near-constant warfare. There were just too few Spartan men to store up the numbers.

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