it was powerful and also well-disciplined; it was consisted of of extremely mobile units calledlegions; it offered reliable tactics; tright here was consistent training and fierce loyalty
Rome determined to speak Carthage from totally taking over Sicily. Rome was interested in the richplunder that a battle might carry. Romans were pertained to that Carthage was planning to extfinish its empireinto Italy.

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1. Using a new type of navalwarfare, Rome drives theCarthaginians out of Sicily2.Hannibal launches a militaryexpedition over the Alps toattack Rome.3. Hannibal raids Italy,damaging plants andburning villperiods.4. Rome attacks Carthage anddeaccomplishments Hannibal.5. Rome burns Carthage,finishing the Third Punic War.
North Africa ended up being a Roguy province. Rome controlled all the western Mediterranean and also most of Spain
In 264 B.C., as soon as the First Punic War started, the boundaries of the Roman Republic were within whichcontemporary country?
146 B.C.; By the end of the Punic Wars, in 146 B.C., Rome had actually lugged together different individuals andformerly independent says together under the control of the republic.
How did the Romale Republic keep power and regulate in the lands about the Mediterranean Sea it had conquered?
Rome"s Northern Border- Tribes harassed thinlyextended Roguy legions.Farmers - Couldn"t pay rent; drivenfrom their farmsPoor and Rich - Riches from latifundiacreated a thriving dividein between the rich and also thepoor.Conquered Cities - Grew restlessUrban Problems - Landmuch less farmers andunemployed vets crowded right into Rome; riots damaged out.Slaves - Launched revolts againsttheir masters
They pumelted for land-redevelop regulations to redistribute public lands to poor soldiers and also little farmers andextended Roman citizenship.

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He increased an massive army of unemployed farmers and employees that was loyal to him, not to the republic
• Farmers were going bankrupt and also being driven from their ranches.• The gap in between the well-off and the bad was widening.• Rome was ending up being overcrowded and enduring riots.• Slaves were launching revolts against their masters.• Cities that Rome had conquered were thriving restmuch less.• Tribes on Rome"s northern borders were harassing thinly extended Roguy legions.

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