America’s 38th president, Gerald Ford (1913-2006) take it office on august 9, 1974, complying with the resignation of chairman Richard Nixon (1913-1994), who left the White home in disgrace over the Watergate scandal. Ford ended up being the first unelected chairman in the nation’s A longtime Republican congressman native Michigan, Ford had actually been appointed angry president less than a year previously by president Nixon. He is attributed with helping to regain public to trust in federal government after the disillusionment of the Watergate era.

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On July 14, 1913, Gerald R. Ford is born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. In Omaha, Nebraska. His surname was adjusted to reflect his step-father's name.

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Ford played football at the college of Michigan, wherein he to be voted the team's most an useful player in his senior year.

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Ford served in people War II from 1942 until the war finished in 1945.

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In December 1973, chairman Richard Nixon chose Ford as his vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned complying with charges of tax evasion.

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In 1974, Nixon resigned in the confront of impeachment by Congress end the Watergate burglary scandal.

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Ford took the oath that office on respectable 9, 1974. Ford is the very first President who was neither elected President nor Vice-President.

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In a controversial and unpopular move, Ford pardons Nixon of any crime.

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Ford met v Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in wishes to normalize relations throughout the Cold War.

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Ford works with Henry Kissinger on eight limitations.

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Ford's presidency corresponded with the Bicentennial of the signing of the explanation of Independence.

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Ford lost his first official presidential race in 1976 to Democrat Jimmy Carter.

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Ford remained proactively involved in public policy during his retirement.

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Ford died on December 26, 2006, at the period of 93. That lived much longer then any kind of other former president.

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