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Which of the adhering to caused ongoing unrest in the freshly liberated colonies?a. The complete independence from Spain b. The raised influence that the Church c. *the continuation of the caste system* d. The numerous liberal financial reforms What walk this cartoon indicate around the relationship in between the joined States and also the newly-independent Latin American countries?a. The United claims was interested in helping to bolster their independence. B. The United says was a dispassionate observer of the difficulties in Latin America. C. The United says was involved with the many wars resulting after independence. D. *The United claims hoped to benefit territorially from troubles in Latin America.*An intended an outcome of the Latin American revolutions wasa. Large colonies break up right into smaller nations b. Ongoing fighting between the brand-new countries c. *separation and also independence indigenous Spain* d. The establishment of armed forces dictatorships i m sorry of the following was not an influence on the people in Latin America who sought freedom in the 19th century?a. The enlightenment b. *the Mexican-American War* c. The American transformation d. The French change Which of the following constitutes an unintended result of the Latin American revolutions?a. The finish independence indigenous Spain b. The breakdown of the caste device c. The autumn of the numerous Creole caudillos d. *the countless border disputes and also wars*The changes in Latin America in the 19th century repetitively achieveda. *political self-reliance from Europe* b. The end of enslavement in each country c. The facility of stable democracies d. Social and also economic equality for every What is one means the Spanish battle of Independence encouraged those in the colonies to seek new political and also economic rights?a. *The period of administrative freedom resulted in by the war provided leaders the chance to rebel because that these rights.* b. The disruptions caused by the war encouraged colonial merchants to seek markets in the Pacific. C. The exposure to French concepts through the war persuaded many in Spain to carry out these liberties come the colonies. D. The war v France make Spain tighten their political and economic hold on the swarms in desperation. I m sorry of the worries that result in many Latin American changes is portrayed here? a. The boarding of european soldiers b. *the usage of large-scale slavery* c.

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The centralization of manage in Spain d. Collaboration with European strength

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