The option that to represent a modern technology used through foresters is D. All of the above. Castle make usage of every one of these varieties of technology, in various ways, yes, but nevertheless castle use every one of them. Sometimes they will usage infrared photography come find specific creatures, occasionally aerial photography is an ext appropriate to situate a place, and also sometimes far sensing is the best choice to reach your goal. The all depends on the situation.

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all that the choices

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Question 1

The primary characteristic that differentiates temperate and also tropical rainforests is .


Question 2

Which the the following are important commodities of rainforests?

all that the choices

Question 3

Which of the following finest describes the usage of rainforest plants together anticancer drugs?

Twenty-five percent of the energetic ingredients in cancer medicine are exclusively rainforest plants.

Question 4

Which that the complying with is the many direct method for combating rainforest deforestation?


Question 5

The sustainable use of rainforest sources is exemplified by .

harvesting nuts

Question 6

Which that the following ideal describes the influence of rainforest deforestation on worldwide precipitation?

The sample of worldwide precipitation is altered.

Question 7

A forester is

a person who manages and supervises land used for lumber production

Question 8

Which of the adhering to is a modern technology used by foresters?

all that the choices

Question 9

Even-aged management practices involves clearing trees the .

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are all near the same age

Question 10

Which that the adhering to forest administration practices is best for reestablishing areas of forest?


Question 11

How do trees act as carbon sinks?

all the the choices

Question 12

How does the damage of forests contribute to levels of atmospheric carbon?

Fewer trees leads to smaller quantities of carbon dioxide being soaked up from the atmosphere.

Question 13

What fraction of the fossil fuel emissions in the unified States can be took in by convert 25% of agricultural land in the U.S. To native forests?

approximately 20%

Question 14

Why is clearcutting specifically damaging forestry practice for varieties that depend upon older trees for your survival?