(1) What would be thelikely result if boost in both intracellular salt ionlevels and also extracellular potassium ion levels to be tooccur?

A: The Na+-K+ pump would accelerate due to the fact that it needs to restorethe membrane"s resting concentration gradient.

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B: The Na+-K+ pump would sluggish down since it demands to restorethe membrane"s concentration gradient.

C: Sodium and Potassium ions would be pumped the end of thecell.

D: Sodium and also Potassium ion would increase their motion inboth directions throughout the cabinet membrane.

(2) due to the unequal deliver of sodium and also potassiumions by the Na-K pump, a membrane potential isgenerated.

True or False

(3) If a pump move 3 confident ions out and also 2 positiveions in versus their concentration gradients, the membranepotential in the cell will certainly become much more positive.

True or False



Santiago Ramon y Cajal’s concept of dynamic polarization describes the:

(a)membrane potential that a neuron in ~ rest.

(b)membrane potential that a neuron firing activity potentials.

(c)opening and closing that gated networks in the membrane.

(d)one means flow of information in neurons native dendrites come axon terminals.

(e)one means flow of details in neurons indigenous axon terminals to dendrites.

Over the course of scientific history, over there are many examples that scientists getting to the right conclusion for the dorn reasons. When Schwann very first proposed the the nervous mechanism was do of individual cells, the based the on monitorings of:



(c)axon terminals.


(e)Nodes of Ranvier.

The synaptic slot was finally seen in the 1950s. What prevented researchers from seeing it earlier?

(a)The resolution the the irradiate microscope.

(b)They to be looking in the wrong place.

(c)Their tissue was not as necessary stained.

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(d)Myelination that the axons.

(e)all of the above

The resting membrane potential the a neuron is approximately:

(a) +65 V

(b) +65 mV

(c) -65 V

(d) -65 mV

What is greatly responsible because that the relaxing membrane potential in a neuron?

(a)Axonal insulation by myelin

(b)Voltage-Gated salt Channels

(c)The activity Potential

(d)Potassium Leak Channels

Which of the complying with would to decrease the propagation velocity the an action potential down an axon?

(a)Increase in axon diameter

(b)Increase myelination between nodes of Ranvier

(c)Remove myelination in between nodes of Ranvier

(d)Decrease density of voltage-gated Na+ channels except in ~ the Nodes that Ranvier

The resting membrane potential the a neuron have the right to be estimated using the:

(a)Nernst equation

(b)Goldman equation

(c)Hodgkin and Huxley equation

(d)Ohm’s law

18. What would take place to the resting membrane potential of a neuron if you added K+ to the extracellular fluid?

(a)Resting membrane potential would rise (become much more positive)

(b)Resting membrane potential would certainly decrease (become more negative)

(c)Resting membrane potential would not change

(d)Resting membrane potential would be abolished

. I beg your pardon of the complying with statements is FALSE for Graded Potentials

(a)Magnitude transforms with size of triggering stimulus

(b)Magnitude decreases with distance indigenous initial site

(c)Cannot it is in summed

(d)No refractory period

In the nervous system, the stamin of the economic stimulation is coded into:

(a)The frequency of action potentials generated

(b)The amplitude of activity potentials generated

(c)Both the frequency and also amplitude of action potentials generated

(d)The expression of individual activity potentials generated

Ion movement throughout both the depolarization and also repolarization phases the an action potential space the result of: