Which that the complying with is no a role of connective tissue?a. Supportb. Transportc. Insulationd. Absorption
Which is the many atypical connective tissue because it neither connects structures nor provides structural support?a. Areolar connective tissueb. Cartilagec. Osseousd. Blood
Which that the following is a property of epithelial tissue?a. Epithelial organization is innervated.b. Epithelial tissue does not exhibit polarity.c. Epithelial tissue is frequently unable come regenerate.d. Epithelial tissue has blood vessels.

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Which of the complying with is no a way in which any epithelial organization or glands room classified?a. Wherein secretions are releasedb. Number of cell layersc. Shape of the cellsd. Location
You observe a uniform organization under a microscope. There is no lumen. The product looks densely packed, yet you carry out not observe plenty of nuclei. It appears that there space strands that fibers running in parallel directions. What kind of tissue space you feather at?a. Connective tissueb. Worried tissuec. Muscle tissued. Epithelial tissue
Connective tissues are made of different combinations of ground substance and fibers. Together you to compare slides that connective tissues, which would certainly most likely be the strongest (toughest) type of connective tissue based on the composition of floor substance and fibers?a. Connective organization high in soil substanceb. Connective tissues high in collagen fibersc. Connective tissue high in elastic fibersd. Connective tissue high in reticular fibers
What duty do transitional epithelia have?a. Resistance come frictionb. Filtrationc. Absorptiond. Stretching
You observe a organization under a microscope. There shows up to be a lumen on one side of the tissue. Lining this lumen is a single layer that epithelial cells the seem to have actually long, fingerlike projections. Beneath the projections, the cell seem to have the shape of shoeboxes and also are packed tightly together. What form of tissue are you feather at?a. Transitional epitheliumb. Stratified squamous epitheliumc. Straightforward columnar epitheliumd. Simple cuboidal epithelium
Which tissue is appropriately paired with its major immature cabinet type?a. Bone; fibrocyteb. Connective tissue proper; chondrocytec. Bone; osteoblastd. Cartilage; fibroblast
The primary blast cell because that bone is the ________.a. Osteoblastb. Chondroblastc. Fibroblastd. Hemocytoblast
Under a microscopic lense you watch a organization that shows up to have long fibers that show up striated. The nuclei are driven off to the next of the fibers. The tissue looks an extremely vascular. What form of tissue are you observing?a. Dense consistent connective tissueb. Dense irregular connective tissuec. Osseous tissued. Bones muscle tissue
The exactly order of events in organization repair, from an initial to last, is __________.a. Regeneration, organization, and also inflammationb. Inflammation, regeneration, and organizationc. Organization, inflammation, and regenerationd. Inflammation, organization, and regeneration
Injured cartilage might heal an ext quickly if a therapy were found that would certainly __________.a. Stop chondrocytes from dividing and thereby reduce the relative amount of procession that is present in the cartilageb. Stimulate blood vessels to construct within cartilagec. Stimulate calcification of cartilaged.All that the listed responses are correct.
Pseudostratified epithelia room well adapted to the cradle system due to the fact that the cilia rise the surface area because that absorption.True or False
Which of the complying with is no a characteristics of worried tissue?a. Capable of transmitting electricityb. Extremely branched cellsc. Create liningsd. Offers support and insulation
Which that the complying with are erroneously paired?a. Connective tissue; mesodermb. Epithelium; endoderm, mesoderm, and also ectodermc. Muscle; endodermd. Nervous tissue; ectoderm
Which residential property is most continual in all connective tissues?a. Large number of connective fibersb. Better amount of extracellular matrix compared to cellular contentc. Large amounts of ground substanced. Avascularity
Smooth muscle __________.a. Has actually long, cylindrical cellsb. Has actually striationsc. Is under involuntary controld. Contains intercalated discs
Which that the adhering to is a dry membrane exposed to the air?a. Cutaneous membraneb. Mucous membranec. Serous membraned. Synovial membrane
Why space adipose tissue, blood, and also bone all thought about to it is in connective tissues?a. They attach to each other.b. They all have collagen and elastic fibers in your extracellular matrix.c. They have a typical origin: the embryonic organization mesenchyme.d. They have the same species of cells.
In connective tissue, the function of elastic fibers is to __________.a. Retain fluidb. Enable the organization to stretch and recoilc. Form delicate networks roughly blood vesselsd. Provide high tensile strength
Which of the complying with statements is true?a. Loosened connective tissue contains cartilage.b. Thick irregular connective tissue has a high relationship of elastic fibers.c. Closely packed bundles of collagen fibers space characteristic of loosened connective tissues.d. Thick connective organization is overcame by collagen fibers.
Which occasion must precede all others during tissue repair?a. Epithelial cells multiply and migrate over the damaged area.b. Granulation tissue forms in the damaged area.c. Fibroblasts multiply and produce collagen yarn in the damaged area.d. Inflammation occurs in the damaged area.

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Which of the following describes a holocrine gland?a. Holocrine glands secrete their commodities through a hollow, tubular duct.b. The secretory cells release their assets by exocytosis.c. The secretory cells relax their products by rupturing.d. The apex of the secretory cell pinches off to relax their products.