Taylor"s Scientific monitoring Theory has been criticised through the workers, trade unions and also even employers.

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Taylor"s Scientific management is criticised ~ above the complying with main grounds :-

1. Exploitation that Workers

Taylor"s Scientific monitoring put unnecessary pressures on the employee to carry out the work faster. Prominence was provided to productivity and also profitability. This caused exploitation that the employees. Therefore, many employees joined trade unions. This additionally resulted in mistrust between management and also employees.

2. Trouble of unity of Command

Taylor supplied functional foremanship. So, the workers have to report come eight bosses. This breaks the principle of unit of command, wherein the workers have to report to just one boss. Absence of unified of command can develop confusion and chaos in the organisation.

3. Mechanically Approach

Taylor"s approach was a mechanical approach. He gave too much importance come efficiency. He did not think about the person element. Taylor thought about workers as robots, which can speed up the occupational at any kind of cost.

4. Difficulty of Separation of Planning native Doing

Taylor said to separate planning indigenous doing. In reality, we cannot separate planning indigenous doing. The planners should likewise be engaged in doing, then only they will be able to make realistic plans for the organisation.

5. Individualistic Approach

Taylor"s scientific management gives too lot importance to individual performance and also not to group performance. However, the success of an organisation relies not just on individual performance of workers, but additionally on team performance of workers.

6. Dorn Assumptions

Taylor suspect that workers are urged only by gaue won gains. However, in reality, employees are encouraged not jae won incentives but likewise by social needs and personal egos.

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7. Narrow Application

Taylor"s scientific management has actually narrow application. It have the right to be applied only when the performance of the workers can be measure quantitatively. It deserve to be applied only for factories where the performance can be measure up quantitatively. It can not be offered in the company sector because in this sector the performance of a human cannot be measured quantitatively.