Definition: Non-price competition entails ways that firms look for to rise sales and also attract practice through approaches other than price. Non-price compete can encompass quality of the product, unique selling point, exceptional location and after-sales service.

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Models the perfect competition indicate the many important problem in sectors is the price. And also for a homogenous product like potatoes, consumers will typically want to buy the cheapest potatoes. However, plenty of markets do not to the right this design of perfect competition. In countless markets, the price is just one of countless factors which influence which good/service you buy. Because that example, if you walk for a restaurant meal, execute you pick the cheapest? unless you room on a strictly budget, factors like the quality of the food and also service are likely to weigh more heavily.

In the genuine world, firms room seeking to lure custom v the techniques of non-price competition. This contains a distinct selling point (the ideal coffee), securing the ideal location and/or offering net delivery.

Non-Price vain in Oligopoly/imperfect competition

The majority of markets are a form of oligopoly v a couple of firms overcoming the market. The that company in an oligopoly can contend in price, however often non-price competition becomes the most crucial factor conquering the market.

The kinked need curve model argues that in oligopoly prices will certainly be stable – resulting in firms concentrating top top non-price competition.

In monopolistic competition, over there is flexibility of entry, but firms have a degree of sector power (inelastic demand curve) since of product differentiation. Therefore, firms in monopolistic competition have a motive to shot and enhance their product differentiation and brand image.

How this firm compete


This reflects a mixture of factors both price and non-price competition, the can come to be important in markets

Examples that non-price competition

Loyalty card – Some big business have invested substantially in commitment cards which give ‘rewards’ or money ago to client who build up points/spending. Airlines use Airmiles to shot and encourage repeat custom. Supermarkets use commitment cards choose Tesco points/Nectar(Sainsburies)

Direct mailing – a vital method of retaining client is v gaining accessibility to your email resolve and then sending targetted promotions and also news about new features/products. Part firms may provide loyal client the chance to obtain special deals or products not accessible to the massive market.

Subsidised delivery. Amazon has been successful at advertise Prime delivery accounts. This promises complimentary next job delivery. Amazon is supplying this delivery business as a loss leader. The price of distribution is often higher than what a customer is actually paying. However, in the long-term, the convenience the Prime delivery is transforming shopping habits. Purchase something top top Amazon and also having it come at your doorstep the next day, way customers room not wanting to enter town, park and shop at classic stores. Amazon is steadily gaining more market power and market share.

Supermarkets favor Tesco and Sainsbury’s are also investing in online delivery of groceries. Again the cost to supermarkets of distribution is higher than the price customers space paying, but now that is established supermarkets don’t want to risk losing sector share by making delivery an ext expensive.

Ethical/charity concerns. Some firms might promote an moral line that marketing, because that example, ‘fair-trade’ coffee appeals come customers that wish come buy items with a social conscience.

Unique selling points. In current years, that company have focused on offering identified products and products that can be customised to customer preferences. Because that example, food suppliers are supplying a better diversity of products, such as gluten free, sugar-free, vegan – niche assets which appeal come a little segment. 3D Printing way firms can increasingly permit customers to be much more specific in point out the size, length and also colour of products. Massive produced, homogenous ‘Off the shelf’ commodities increasingly feeling outdated.

Advertising/brand loyalty. Firms invest billions top top advertising because repeated exposure to famed brands can make consumers more likely to buy ‘trusted’ brands. High brand loyalty can also create obstacles to entry. For example, numerous firms have tried to go into the sector for cola, but have been unsuccessful, due to the success that Coca-Cola and Pepsi in creating strong brand loyalty. Even the internet has actually done nothing come disturb this duopoly.

After-sales service. For part goods, favor TVs and also car, offering cost-free after-sales company can be a factor in encouraging client trust. That can also be a lucrative aspect the the business. For example, Apple treatment offers a three-year warranty, yet it is priced in ~ a an excellent margin.

Cultivation of an excellent reviews. In an virtual world, an excellent reviews room increasingly crucial – especially for markets like tourism. Therefore, firms have an impetus to encourage happy client to leave reviews. If friend buy something from Amazon – quite commonly the 3rd party firm selling the product will include a leaflet – questioning you to leave a confident review top top Amazon. One printing firm I used offer £5 cashback for any type of published review on social media.

Offering bundles of products. Supermarkets may group ingredients which make an Indian meal together. The hope is the it will encourage civilization to try brand-new ingredients. The profit margin can regularly be greater on bundles of products. Because that a company like Apple, they push new technology – which requires you come buy an extremely expensive adapters from them. Freshly I obtained a brand-new MacBook Pro. To attach my Apple screen to the new USB-C port, I had to buy one adapter indigenous Apple costing £45. (This is using market power to push related goods/services0

Foreseeing patterns in markets. Plenty of successful retailers have actually gone out of business because they were stuck with old service models. Successful firms require tremendous adaptability and also innovation to relocate into brand-new markets and also trends. For example, retailers who properly moved into an online presence have actually been more adaptable to trends in consumer behaviour.

Pay for the best workers. In part industries, success might all count on the top quality of the staff. Because that example, restaurants may want to employ the top chef. Football clubs the best footballers and managers. In other industries, firms might work difficult to keep the workforce motivated by share employee schemes – offering workers a re-publishing in the firm’s fortunes.

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Combination the price and non-price competition

Sometimes firms are using a mix of price and non-price competition. Because that example, 3 for the price that two.