Because that how frequently we hear and talk around it, we think that us already totally understand what the means.

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But do we really?

In this article, i will help you get a better understanding the what management is all about by diving deeply right into the five elements of management, as described by Henri Fayol.

How is monitoring Defined and also What are Its basic Elements?

According to Wikipedia, management includes all the tasks needed to set the strategy of an organization, and also coordinate the initiatives of all its members to attain all that its missions with the usage of their easily accessible technological, human, financial, and also natural resources.

To placed it simply, management is ensuring that all of the resources of the firm will it is in maximized and utilized to accomplish the completion of the goals.

From this definition, it might seem simple. But in reality, monitoring can get quite confusing and also overwhelming.

Lucky because that us, we have actually Henri Fayol.

He is just one of the first theorists who identified the attributes of administration in his publication entitled, “Administration Industrielle et Generale.”

According to him, the five elements of the management process are planning, organizing, controlling, commanding, and also coordinating.

Each is unique, however they room all related to one another.



An organization have the right to only relocate forward and accomplish success if it is properly organized around its plan.

It is the obligation of the manager to align and structure firm operations based upon the dimension of their workforce and also the objectives of the business.

Moreover, they also have come ensure the there will certainly be sufficient resources come facilitate an operational job-related structure.

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To do this, managers must first identify what main activities are compelled in their plan and also choose the right people to execute those.

If over there is no an ideal person for the job, the is additionally the manager’s task to train and educate someone to take that vital position.