There"s much more to the net than the World large Web

When we think that the net we often think only of the World broad Web. The web is among several means to retrieve information from the Internet. These different varieties of net connections are well-known as protocols. You can use different software applications to accessibility the net with every of these protocols, though you probably wouldn"t require to. Many Internet internet browsers permit users to accessibility files using many of the protocols. Complying with are 3 categories of web services and examples of species of solutions in each category.

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File retrieval protocolsThis type of service was among the earliest ways of retrieving details from computers linked to the Internet. You might view the name of the files stored top top the offer computer, yet you didn"t have any kind of graphics and also sometimes no summary of a file"s content. Friend would have to have advanced knowledge of i m sorry files contained the details you sought.

FTP (File move Protocol)This was among the very first Internet services developed and also it allows users to move documents from one computer to another. Utilizing the FTP program, a user deserve to logon to a remote computer, browse with its files, and either download or upload files (if the remote computer allows). These deserve to be any kind of file, however the user is only allowed to watch the record name; no description of the paper content is included. You might encounter the FTP protocol if you try to download any software applications indigenous the World broad Web. Countless sites that market downloadable applications use the FTP protocol.

An instance of a FTP Protocol Window:


GopherGopher offers downloadable papers with part content description to make it much easier to uncover the document you need. The documents are arranged on the remote computer system in a ordered manner, much like the documents on her computer"s difficult drive space arranged. This protocol isn"t widely provided anymore, but you can still find some work gopher sites.

An example of a Gopher Window:


TelnetYou can affix to and also use a remote computer program by utilizing the telnet protocol. Generally you would certainly telnet into a particular application housed on a serving computer system that would enable you to use that application as if it were on your own computer. Again, making use of this protocol requires special software.

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The adhering to are outside links and will open in pop-up windows:

FTPExample of FTP Protocol: TUCOWS. Software, music, themes and games download sites.