“Emotions space a process, a certain kind of automatically appraisal affected by our evolution and an individual past, in i m sorry we feeling that something important to our welfare is occurring, and also a set of psychological changes and also emotional behaviors starts to deal with the situation." - Paul Ekman, phd

In other words, emotions prepare us to deal with important events without having actually to think about them. These emotionally responses room an unbidden occurrence, an interpretation that us don’t pick to feeling them, castle just occur to united state automatically. Of all the human emotions we experience, over there are 7 universal emotions that us all feel, transcending language, regional, cultural, and also ethnic differences

Each that the universal emotions has actually distinctive signals, physiologies and also timelines. If they vary in your onset duration and also decline, emotions frequently don’t last much longer than one hour. If an emotion stubborn for an extensive amount the time there is no interruption, it’s much more likely that the emotion can be categorized as a mood or a disorder.

While there room differing views among experts, many emotion researchers agree that there are at least 5 core emotions. Dr. Ekman’s research mirrors the strongest evidence to day of 7 universal face expressions that emotions.

Even though the images below depict the 7 universal emotions separately, no emotion exists together a solitary affective or emotional state. Instead, emotions are made up of a family of related emotional states which are variations top top a common theme.






Emotions occur in response to some kind of economic stimulation (actual, imagined, or re-lived) together as:

a physical event a social interaction remembering or imagining an event talking about, thinking about, or physical reenacting a previous emotional experience

What actually provides us emotional, however, varies human to person based on our shared evolution, cultural influences, and unique an individual experiences. So, also though us can"t select the emotions us feel, we can pick the methods in which we respond v emotional awareness.

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In order to have an ext choice around our emotional reactions, us must very first build awareness that the emotionally behaviors, experiences and triggers that we, and others, face. This process allows us to find insight in awareness to aid shape our emotionally reactions in much more thoughtful and constructive ways.

As we’ve learned, we carry out not select the emotions us experience. However, our emotional responses shape our suffer of the world. In stimulate to pick our responses wisely, we must first become much more aware of and familiar through our very own emotional experiences.

Dr. Ekman, one of the world leading specialists in the ar of emotions has specialized his life to researching emotions and also developing tools to aid us much better understand the emotional lives of ourselves and others.

Learn to recognize and respond come the emotionally expressions that others through our online micro expressions training tools to increase your capability to detect deception and catch ethereal emotional cues.

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Expand your knowledge of emotional skills and competencies through in-person workshops readily available through Paul Ekman International.

Build her emotional vocabulary v the Atlas that Emotions, a free, interactive discovering tool developed by Drs. Paul and also Eve Ekman at the request of the Dalai Lama.