The adaptation that made feasible the colonization of dried land atmospheres by seed plants is most likely the an outcome of the advancement of _____.

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Which of this is a major trend in land tree evolution?

the trend toward a sporophyte-dominated life cycle

Which of the following lines of proof would best support her assertion that a certain plant is an angiosperm?

It lacks gametangia.

In addition to seeds, i beg your pardon of the following qualities is unique to the seed-producing plants?


Arrange the adhering to in the correct sequence, native earliest to most recent, in which this plant properties originated. 1. Sporophyte dominance, gametophyte independence 2. Sporophyte dominance, gametophyte dependency 3. Gametophyte dominance, sporophyte dependence

3 → 1 → 2

In seed plants, i beg your pardon of the following is part of a pollen grain and has a function most favor that of the seeds coat?


In terms of alternation that generations, the inner parts that the pollen grains of seed-producing plants space most comparable to a _____.

fern gametophyte bearing just antheridia

Which the the following sex and also generation combinations directly produces the pollen pipe of angiosperms?

male gametophyte

In pines, the mrs gametophyte includes _____, every of which has a(n) _____.

archegonia … egg

In pines, one embryo is a(n) _____.

an immature sporophyte

In pine trees, pollen grains get to the ovule via the _____.


Which of this statements is true around the gametophyte tissue that surrounding the jaw embryo?

It functions as A HAPLOID food reserve.

Of the four haploid cells created by a jaw cone’s megasporocyte (megaspore mother cell), _____ survive(s).


In the pine, microsporangia type _____ microspores through _____.

haploid … meiosis

Gymnosperms were many abundant throughout the _____.


In gymnosperms megaspores build into _____ .

female gametophytes

In pine, the embryo creates within the _____.

female gametophyte

Conifers and also pines both have actually needlelike leaves, v the adaptive advantage of _____.

decreased surface ar area, reduce water loss

Which of the following statements correctly explains a part of the pine tree life cycle?

Female gametophytes use mitosis to create eggs.

Arrange the complying with structures, which have the right to be discovered on male pine trees, native the biggest structure come the smallest structure (or from most inclusive to least inclusive). 1. Sporophyte 2. Microspores 3. Microsporangia 4. Pollen cone 5. Pollen nuclei


Which that the complying with sex and generation combine most directly produces the integument the a pine seed?

female sporophyte

Which attribute of cycads distinguishes them from most other gymnosperms? 1. They have actually exposed ovules. 2. They have flagellated sperm. 3. They room pollinated by animals.

2 and also 3

Which of these is distinct to flowering plants?

double fertilization

The masculine gametophytes of flowering plants are also referred to together _____

pollen grains

In flowering tree the integuments that the ovule construct into a(n) _____.

seed coat

A carpel is created of _____.

stigma style ovary

A stamen consists of _____.

anther and also filament

In angiosperms, pollination is the move of pollen serial to the _____ the a flower on the exact same plant or an additional plant of the same species


The significant difference between angiosperms and gymnosperms originates from the _____.

presence or absence of a protective extending over the ovule

Angiosperms are different from all other plants since only they have actually _____.


Unlike most angiosperms, grasses are pollinated by wind. As a consequence, part unnecessary parts of grass flowers have almost disappeared. I beg your pardon of the following parts would you expect to be most reduced in a grass flower


Many mammals have actually skins and also mucous membrane that space sensitive to phenolic secretions of plants choose poison oak (Rhus). These second compounds are mainly adaptations that _____.

inhibit herbivory

The generative cabinet of masculine angiosperm gametophytes is haploid. This cell divides to produce two haploid sperm cells. What kind of cell department does the generative cell undergo to create these sperm cells?


Stamens, sepals, petals, carpels, and also pinecone scales space all _____.

modified leaves

Harold and Kumar are pre-med and pre-pharmacy students, respectively. Lock complain to your biology professor that they have to not need to study about plants since plants have small relevance come their liked professions.

which adaptations the land plants are most likely to carry out Harold v future patients? I) sporophyte dominance II) defenses versus herbivory III) adaptations concerned wind dispersal that pollen

2 and 3

A fruit is most commonly

A tires ovary

Where in an angiosperm would certainly you find a megasporangium?

within an ovule consisted of within an ovary of a flower

Which that the complying with is no a characteristic that distinguishes gymnosperms and angiosperms from other plants?

alternation the generations

Gymnosperms and angiosperms have actually the adhering to in common except


What space the assets of meiosis in the life bike of a seeds plant?

megaspores and microspores

Consider the seed displayed in this figure. Choose the correct description of this seed.

A seed includes contributions from three different generations the plants.

Select the correct statement describing the life bicycle of angiosperms.

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Double fertilization in the life bike of particle plants outcomes in the manufacturing of a diploid zygote and also a triploid endosperm nucleus.