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1D) Gymnosperms developed much previously than angiosperms. Evidences present that, gnetophytes a class of gymnosperm advanced first. 2.A) Pollen serial is a male gametophyte. 3C…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: 1. Which of the adhering to statements is no true? A. Green algae in the lineage referred to as Charles are the the next living loved ones of floor plants. B. Bryophytes" is a name offered to the land tree lineages that do not have vascular tissue C. The horsetails and also the ferns kind a unique clade or lineage. They have vascular tissue yet reproduce via spores, not seeds. D. According to the fossil record and phylogenetic analyses angiosperms evolved before the gymnosperms E. Angiosperms are the only land plants with vessels. 2. What is a pollen grain? A. Male gametophyte B. Mrs gametophyte C. Male sporophyte. D. Sperm 3. Plants relocated from one aqueous environment and also colonized the land sometime during the Paleozoic era. In order to flourish on land, plants had actually to build A. Photosynthetic pigments and also mechanisms for transporting water and minerals to aerial parts B. Strength for carbohydrate storage and mechanisms for transporting water and minerals come aerial parts. C. Physical support structures and mechanisms because that gamete dispersal. D. Photosynthesis pigments that space not dependence on one aqueous environment and stach for carbohydrate storage E. Alternation the generations and physical assistance structures. 4. Fungi space not: A. Heterotrophs B. Multicellular C. Prokaryotes D. Uncellular cells 5. One method fungi blee is v the use of: A. Flowers B. Seeds. C. Pollen. D. Spores. E. All the over 6. Which is not a properties of fungi? A. Most are single celled B. The is a saprophyte D. It resides moist locations E. Every the over are qualities of the mushroom C. It is a decomposer 7. Why is the relationship in between most mycorhizal fungi and also their organize plants taken into consideration mutualistic? A. Castle live in close physics association. B. Both varieties benefit from the association. C. The hold plant cannot live without the mycorhizae. D. The mycorhizae cannot live without the host plant 8. What perform seeds contain? A. Male gametophyte and nutritive tissue. B. Mrs gametophyte and also nutritive tissue. C. Embryo and nutritive tissue. D. Tires sporophyte and also nutritive tissue 9. Haploid uncellular cells spores are developed in the sporangia via: A. Mitosis. B. Fertilization. C. Conjugation. D. Budding. E. Meiosis. 10. How can nonvascular plants survive on land without true leaves, stems, and also roots? A. They are little enough to permit minerals to diffuse throughout your bodies. B. Castle live in moist habitats. C. They have a thick cuticle to avoid water loss. D. Both a and b. E. Both b and c 11. The hyphae the arbuscular mycorhizal fungi (AMF) kind bush or balloon-like frameworks after making contact with the plasma membrane of a source cell. Why? A. The anchor the fungus inside the root, so the combination is more permanent. B. They rise the surface ar are accessible for the transfer of nutrients. C. They develop toxins that safeguard the tree cells against herbivores. D. They malfunction cellulose and lignin in the plant cabinet wall. 12. A sporophyte overcame life cycle originated in the: A. Eco-friendly algae. B. Non-vascular plants. C. Seedless vascular plants. D. Gymnosperms E. Angiosperms. 13. The illustration of cuticle and also stomata are correlated with what occasion in the evolution of plants? A. The an initial erect expansion forms. B. The an initial woody tissues. C. Development on land. D. The development of the first water conducting tissues.