which means; they room all biogeochemical cycles, they all involve an interaction between living and also non-living elements, and likewise they are all part of the planet system.

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-A biogeochemical cycle or one inorganic-organic bike is a turn around or repeatable pathway by which either a chemical aspect or a molecule moves through both biotic and also abiotic materials of one ecosystem.Some that the main elements that are in a cyclic pattern space Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Sulphur and Water.

-The carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen cycles room all biogeochemical cycles. They show the motion of aspects through living and nonliving components of the Earth. Carbon, oxygen, and also nitrogen, room essential components of life the pass through organisms and nonliving components, but are never used up.

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Firstly, they room all biogeochemical cycles. Castle cycle substances v the various systems. For this reason this means that this substances favor elements, compounds, and also the favor go v the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, and also biosphere. It entails both the living and non-living points on Earth, all play a role in transforming substances right into something that can be used, only to be recycled again to provide for the other in a cyclic manner.

For instance the oxygen cycle involves how oxygen is produced and also used over and also over. As we exhale Carbon Dioxide, it gets absorbed by tree which use it, along with water and also light, to develop their very own food in a process called photosynthesis. A by-product of this process is oxygen which us take in and also use and we breath Carbon dioxide again.

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If its for the multiple selection the exactly answer is D, i dont understand for the little paragraph tho.

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The nitrogen, carbon, and also oxygen cycles are naturally emerging cycles in which the matter existing in the planet system is cycled through the biotic and abiotic components. These components communicate with each other and amongst themselves during the cyclic process. Therefore, all three statements are part of this cycles.

Further Explanation:

The earth acts together a closed mechanism for the matter existing inside it. Therefore, every the elements required for the chemical and structural processes of life are acquired from the currently present issue within the earth’s crust. This issue is repeatedly cycled in ~ the earth’s system and also forms the biogeochemical cycles as they show off biological, chemical and also geological processes. The oxygen, nitrogen, and also carbon autumn under the gaseous cycle and the oceans or the waiting acts as the reservoir. The transportation and also storage the these elements occur with biogeochemical cycles in order come be offered by the life organisms.

In the oxygen cycle, the oxygen moves across the atmosphere, the lithosphere, and also the biosphere which room the materials of the Earth. The photolysis is the process by which oxygen is liberated in the atmosphere. The atomic oxygen is produced from the break down of molecule oxygen with the help of Sun"s ultraviolet radiation. The free oxygen then combines with the oxygen molecule to form ozone or

. This oxygen cycle in the setting is crucial as the shields the earth from harmful radiations. The main cycles with which oxygen move in the biosphere room photosynthesis and also respiration carry out by the plants and also animals respectively. In the lithosphere, the oxygen is freed as a result of chemical weathering as soon as the oxygen-containing mineral come in call with a pure element.

The exchange of carbon link in the setting which contains the pedosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and also atmosphere is done by the carbon cycle. In the carbon cycle, the carbon is incorporated into the organisms from the atmosphere and recycled back into the atmosphere.

The nitrogen circulates in multiple develops through the marine and terrestrial ecosystem and the atmosphere by the nitrogen cycle. The processes included under the nitrogen cycle space ammonification, denitrification, and nitrification.

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Biogeochemical cycle, biosphere, contents of life, carbon cycle, oxygen cycle, nitrogen cycle, atmospheric reservoir.

The rock cycle is a biogeochemical bike is an not correct statement concerning the biogeochemical cycle.

Further Explanation:

In Biogeochemical cycles, chemical aspects are recycled. These elements may accumulate in sinks and also detain because that a lengthy time. This is a cycle whereby a chemistry molecule or element circulates through the non-living and also living ingredient of an ecosystem.

Nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen are the key components in a life the organisms. Therefore, oxygen, nitrogen, and also carbon cycles are kind of biogeochemical cycles.

Rocks are aggregates that minerals and also majorly of three types:

Igneous RocksSedimentary Rocks Metamorphic Rocks

The rock cycle is a kind of illustration that helps in explaining exactly how the three various kinds of rocks are connected with others and how the planet processes alteration in the different rocks. Alteration in the rocks is emerged to motion in tectonic bowl movement. They recycle rock materials.

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Rocks, rock cycle, biogeochemical cycle, organism, living, non-living, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, igneous rocks, metamorphic, sedimentary, tectonic plate, rock material.