This self-quiz consists of 13 multiple-choice questions. For each question, choose the one ideal answer. The questions attempt to exercise your reasoning and also your memory. Those significant by a \"+\" space particularly daunting and might require you come understand and also integrate concepts and also information native several components of the textbook. If you miss a few, please don\"t gain discouraged. Research the indicated material in The Nature and also Properties of Soils (14th edition). Read each inquiry carefully. If you select a not correct answer, check out the coaching comment, number out why your selection was not the correct answer, and then try again. An excellent luck!

This task contains 13 questions.

Which the the complying with statements regarding erosion is (are) accurate?

About 1 exchange rate Mg of floor is moved every year in the world by floor erosion.

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Accelerated erosion is the organic increase in soil erosion that occurs when water moves downhill.
More than fifty percent the soil shed by erosion in the unified States comes from cropland.
Both answer 1 and also 3 above are correct.
all that the above

Compared come the initial topsoil indigenous which the sediment to be eroded, sediment typically contains ______________ .

two to 3 times an ext phosphorus and potassium
only one-fifth as much nitrogen
only 1/100 as much organic matter
both answers 1 and 2 above are correct
both answers 2 and also 3 above are correct

+The T value describes ______.

the lot of floor loss together dust through wind erosion that is tolerable by air air pollution standards
the annual soil ns by water and also wind erosion that a particular soil have the right to tolerate without degrading its permanent productivity
the quantity of floor loss by water erosion that deserve to be tolerated by water top quality standards
the stress and anxiety with which soil particles room held and resist erosive forces
both answers 1 and also 3 over are correct

Which the the following statements is (are) accurate?

Sheet erosion describes soil loss caused by the movement of ice cream sheets across a landscape.
Gullies are scars that are small enough to it is in smoothed by regular tillage.
Erosion is most most likely when rainfall price exceeds the soil\"s infiltration capacity.
Rills on cropland are too large for a tractor to pass over.
Both answer 2 and 4 above are correct.

Which that the following determinants is (are) crucial in determining erosion potential?

seasonal distribution of rainfall
structural security of the soil
vegetation cover
none of the above
all the the above

Which of the following species of erosion manage practices involves establishing sod in the swales on a hillside?

contour strip-cropping
broad-based terrace system
grassed terrace

+Which the the complying with statements is (are) accurate concerning conservation tillage?

Conservation tillage techniques conserve organic residual water by collecting them indigenous the soil surface ar ahead that tillage, fairly than mixing them v soil.
One the the benefits of conservation tillage is that the water-holding volume of the soil is typically increased.
One that the troubles with conservation tillage is the without part stirring of the soil, over several years the soil surface tends come seal and reduce water infiltration.
With no-tillage, about 10 come 20% the the floor surface stays covered through organic residues.
all that the above

+Gully erosion may be slowed or quit ___________.

if the floor is an extremely stony and large, coarse pieces are left behind in the channel bottom
by placing a firmly pack layer the silt in the bottom of the gully
by structure check dams
both answers 1 and 3 above are correct
none that the above

+The reason woodland soils tend to it is in less easily eroded than cropland soils is _____________.

logging roads allow water to drain freely
litter protects the forest floor native the impact of rain drops
tree leaves often concentrate the water indigenous many little raindrops right into a couple of large ones, which impact a smaller sized soil surface area when they fall
forest soils room sandy
both answers 1 and 3 above are correct

Which of the adhering to statements about wind erosion is (are) accurate?

Wind erosion is most usual in humid areas.
Saltation is the movement of salts so the they accumulate top top the floor surface.
Dust clouds room usually the result of soil creep.
Sandy soils room often much more easily eroded by wind than clayey soils.

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Both answers 2 and also 3 over are correct.

+Several mechanisms account because that soil activity by wind erosion. Through which mechanism does wind erosion typically move the best mass of soil?

sheet flow
all move around equal quantities of soil

+Which the the complying with make a soil much more susceptible to wind erosion?

many large clods
high surface roughness
standing stubble from harvest crop
high clay content
low water content

+What is \"riprap,\" offered on many building sites?

a kind of \"hard armor\"
a great of huge rocks
a practice used to prevent gully formation by scouring
all that the above
none that the above
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