107.Which that the following ideal describes the straight investment worldwide entry strategy?

A.With straight investment, a for sure maintains full ownership of its plants, procedure facilities, and offices in a international country. BDirect investment occurs once a firm enters a new market by pooling its resources with those of a local

. Certain to type a brand-new company in i beg your pardon ownership, control, and profits are shared. C. Straight investment refers to depositing payroll accumulation in a foreign bank. D straight investment designates the maximum quantity of a product that may be lugged into a country . During a mentioned time period.

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E.Direct investment occurs once a producer sell its supplying in a foreign market at a price much less than its manufacturing cost.

108.The hatchet “trade deficit” advert to: A. A country that exports an ext goods 보다 it imports.

B. One indicator of the top quality of life in a country. C. A level of population growth that results exports.

D. The sum of all goods and also services handled in a country.

E. Higher levels the imports than exports.

109.Which that the complying with actions performed by a federal government may prevent or discourage a firm indigenous entering a specific country’s marketplace? A. Setup tariffs B. Setting quotas

C. Establishing a boycott D. Setting exchange manage

E. Every one of these

110.When shopping for a vehicle you notice a far-reaching price gap between domestic and also imported cars, with the imported cars gift much more expensive. This could be the result of: A. A tariff. B. Offshoring.

C. Abroad consolidation.

D. Globalization. E. Franchising.

111.When entering right into a franchise agreement, what ax is used to describe the firm that will administer a organization using the name and business layout developed? A. Franchisee B. Franchisor

C. Franchise agent

D. Franchise companion

E. Nobody of this

112.Which that the complying with statements ideal describes global expansion with a strategy alliance?

A.A strategic alliance is a connection in which two firms collaborate ~ above a business opportunity, yet do no invest in each other.

B.In a strategic alliance, a firm enters a brand-new market and also forms a new company with mutual ownership, profits and controls. C. In a strategic alliance, two firms enter into a franchise agreement.

D. In a strategy alliance, a firm in one country sends products to a firm in another country. E. In a strategic alliance, a firm indicators a trade commitment with a certain in another country.

113.Which that the following an international entry techniques is being provided if a firm collaborates v a contender on a globally-based chance for mutual benefit, however the rivals do not invest in every other? A. Strategy alliance B. Joint endeavor

C. Franchising

D. Direct investment

E. No one of these

114.The U.S. Imports more goods indigenous China than it exports to China. This is well-known as: A. A profession deficit.

B. A profession surplus. C. Gross residential product (GDP).

D. Pistol national revenue (GNI).

E. Nobody of this

115.Which of the following must it is in taken into factor to consider by a food company, such as Kraft, when entering a global market? A Food companies must readjust their approaches to worldwide markets through recognizing their unique . Characteristics and consumer demands.

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B. Food companies can penetrate any market with any kind of product as lengthy as they spend sufficient on promotion. C. Food companies choose Kraft know that other countries will instantly like the taste the American products. D Food providers must always reformulate U.S. Assets for various other markets, because there space no

. Customer preferences that cross many cultures. E. None of these

116.Which of the complying with statements explains the demands Walmart is mandating from its service providers in bespeak to resolve concerns about its reputation wherein globalization is concerned? A. Every manufacturers have to be audited by third parties. B. Just a minimal quantity the supplies deserve to come indigenous plants with inhumane functioning conditions.

C. Factories deserve to overlook a restricted amount that ill therapy of workers.

D.Suppliers with a substandard ecological rating can proceed to do business for just two years from the time they are notified. E. None of these.

117.When Ford Motor company decided to sell the Fiesta–in the same kind and design–around the globe, rather of selling various versions in different countries, this was component of Ford’s: A. Global product strategy. B. An international pricing strategy.

C. Global distribution strategy.

D. An international exchange strategy.

E. Global communication strategy.

118.Which the the following trade agreements is designed to manage and also promote trade activities for the joined States, Canada and also Mexico? A. NAFTA B. EU