B. All parts of the circuit will begin to carry higher amounts of present than normal. C. All parts of the circuit will begin to bring lower quantities of existing than normal. D. The product within a fuse may begin to melt once the existing ceases come exist.

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You should normally have one independent variable in one experiment. This is due to the fact that it is the change you are transforming in order to observe the results it has actually on the various other variables.


A block–spring mechanism vibrating top top a frictionless, horizontal surface with one amplitude of 4.5 cm has actually an power of 26 J. If the



Spring consistent is 2.157 because that the amplitude of block feather system



Amplitude the block-spring mechanism is 4.5cm

energy is 26J


Total power of a feather block mechanism on a frictionless horizontal surface



k → feather constant

A → amplitude of the block spring system

Where k is 4.5cm and also energy is 26J

Substitute 4.5cm for A

Substitute 26J for U

Put worth in equation 1



Spring consistent is 2.157 because that the amplitude the block feather system

You start from rest and ski down a hill through an acceleration of 2 m/sec2. Those the speed at the adhering to times
V=at + V0V0 is the speed you begin with, in this case, you start ski down, therefore the it"s zero m/s.a is the acceleration, 2 m/s2.So V = 2tDon"t forget the you should write the time in seconds, in the ar of t.

rest is the state that a human body which is stationary family member to a details frame of referral or another object. Once the state of a human body does not alters with time through respect come its surroundings in a specific frame of recommendation that time that is stated to be at rest.

in various other words we have the right to say that when a body has zero velocity and its position is not changing with time family member to its surrounding then it is claimed to be in ~ rest.

For instance a chair on which you space sitting is at rest or a table on i m sorry your desktop is retained is rest since its position is no changing.




The phase change in i m sorry a substance alters from a gas to liquid is Condensation.

There room 3 organic states the matter;

Solids, Liquids, and also Gases.

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Matter under specific conditions can change from one state come another. When Solids are heated they readjust into Liquids with the procedure of Heating. ~ above cooling, the Liquids convert to Solid v freezing. Once a fluid such together water is heated, it converts right into the gaseous state v evaporation. ~ above cooling, the Gas converts back into the fluid state through Condensation.