beginning of Crusades, start of Catholic Church, advancement of feudalism and monarchies, black death (bubonic plague)
It is more livelier and light-hearted than the grim and violent Beowulf. Human being in Middle eras had more leisure time because that entertainment.

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1. The Christian religious beliefs was much more popular. 2. Religious leaders were more powerful3. Culture was much more organized through hierarchical, feudal system.
Primary political system - a mechanism of neighborhood military and also political relationships amongst those in power
King - mr - article - Vassals (lesser nobles) - Peasants - SerfsKing split land among lords.King forced knights to provide military services and also loyalty in exchange for land.Lords divided land come knights. Knights redistributed land to lesser nobles (vassals).Peasants ran the land. Serfs were agrcultural workers who belonged come the land.
code of behavior for knights - courtesy, generosity, valor, ability in warfare, honor, and serve ladies
In the early on medieval time, it was difficult. They had actually no rights, yet in later medieval times, that changed. The "lady" was provided prevalence and respected more.
a good tribal war leader in the dark days complying with the fallen of roman rule about 450 A.D. Who stayed in Camelot.
The story were exaggerated and the stuff of legend. Component of oral heritages of folklore and also myths.
Since most people did not marry for love then, it was about "courtly love" - a relationship in between a knight and also another man"s wife. She would inspire the knight to do good things.
5 quick lines that rhyme (1st heat is one to win - a bob, and also the 4 3-beat currently are dubbed the wheel. This made sir Gawain popular.
Margery Kempe is a well-off middle-class townswoman in the medieval English city of King"s Lynn. ~ the bear of her first child, Margery has actually a worried breakdown, see hideous devils all approximately her. Margery recovers after having a vision the Jesus Christ, and she decides to devote her life to holiness and contemplation of God.

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It is around an honorable article in a supernatural setting who is additionally chivalrous. The story also has a false identity in the personality of the environment-friendly Knight.