Which of this statements is specific reflection of a Shi"a belief?The Shi"a believed the Umayyad had no appropriate to preeminence the Muslim community..The Shi"a believed they were specialists at interpreting the indigenous of the Qur"an.The Shi"a believed any Muslim was qualified of leading daily prayer.The Shi"a believed leaders have to be chosen just by the Muslim community.

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How to be a follower to Muhammad chosen? Muhammad named his follower before dying.An point of view was said to have actually revealed Muhammad"s successor.Muhammad"s successor was chosen by the clans. The successor to Muhammad was called in the Qur"an.
The Abbasid empire was recognized for structure their capital at Jerusalem.focusing on growth in the West.accepting converts to Islam together equals.being quickly overcame by the Mongols.
What arisen during the golden age of Islam?A transition in government towards extreme rule.A change towards cultural decline. Boost in religious conflicts.An increased focus on arts, science, and literature.
Which of this statements ideal reflects the philosophy of the Sunni? Imams room the just ones trained to analyze the Qur"an due to the fact that they room earthly manifestations of God. The successor to Muhammad need to only come indigenous his inner circle of girlfriend or family members.Anyone indigenous the Muslim ar can translate the Qur"an and also laws and also lead the everyday prayers. The surname Sunni way "followers that Ali," who was the guy the Sunni believe to be Muhammad"s rightful successor.
What was one of the main ways Islam"s golden e impacted the european Renaissance?Islam"s religious philosophies created the communication of Europe"s Renaissance movement. Islamic scholars elevated so plenty of questions around science and also architecture that Europe wanted to uncover the answers.Islam"s blame of the works of old Greek and Roman thinkers initiated retaliation in Europe. Islamic scholars maintained some the art and literature"s most timeless works, motivating the Europeans.
Islamic scholars kept some the art and literature"s most classical works, inspiring the Europeans.
A Umayyad woman would many likely have the ability to open her own business. Placed on a veil before going outside. Never ever be enabled to very own property. Continue to be at home until offered permission to leave.
What influence did the caliphs have on the spread of Islam?The caliphs" rule kept Islam minimal to the Arabian Peninsula. The clans" problem over the caliphs" control minimal the expansion of Islam.Caliphs came and went too quickly to have any significant impact ~ above Islam. Caliphs were able to spread Islam as much as Europe and also India.

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How did Muslims demonstrate religious tolerance come Jews and Christians?Jews and Christians were permitted to spread their very own beliefs.Jews and Christians to be not forced to pay any special taxes. Jews and Christians were permitted to offer in the government.Jews and Christians were provided the task of converting pagans.
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