-The principle that a high price of consumption and spending space the basis because that a sound economy.

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-Consumerism is the concept that a nation that consumes goods and also services in big quantities will certainly be much better off economically.

-Consumerism is credited with a motion towards customer protection that promotes innovation in security standards and also truthful packaging and also advertisement. It additionally seeks come enforce laws against unfair trade practices and truthful product guarantees.

I think the exactly answer native the choices noted above is the second option. The phrase that finest defines consumerism would be that it is the concept the a high price of consumption and spending space the basis for a sound economy. Hope this answers the question.

The exactly answer is:

B) the concept that a high price of consumption and spending space the basis for a sound economy

Critical reasoning is the term characterized as the mental process of actively and skillful conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and analyzing information to reach an answer or conclusion.
The mental procedure of actively and sent conceptualizing, using and assessing information come reach response or conclusion is called an essential thinking. There are countless careers in the people where girlfriend must have the ability to use an important thinking everyday. Several of the civilization who need to do this are policemen, judges, lawyers, and also surgeons. The correct answer is D. 
Sweeten company had no jobs in progression at the beginning of march and also no beginning inventories. The firm has two manufacturing departments--molding and fabrication. The started, completed, and also sold just two jobs throughout march—job p and job q. The following added information is available for the agency as a whole and also for tasks p and also q (all data and questions relate to the month of march): molding fabrication full estimated full machine-hours offered 2,500 1,500 4,000 estimated total fixed production overhead $ 10,000 $ 15,000 $ 25,000 approximated variable production overhead per machine-hour $ 1.40 $ 2.20 job p project q straight materials $ 13,000 $ 8,000 direct labor cost $ 21,000 $ 7,500 yes, really machine-hours used: molding 1,700 800 fabrication 600 900 total 2,300 1,700 sweeten company had no underapplied or overapplied production overhead prices during the month. Required: for concerns 1-8, assume the sweeten agency uses a plantwide predetermined overhead price with machine-hours as the assignment base. For questions 9-15, assume that the company uses departmental predetermined overhead prices with machine-hours as the allocation base in both departments. 1. What was the company’s plantwide predetermined overhead rate? (round her answer come 2 decimal places.) next
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What are the basic categories that capital spending plan scenarios? define the all at once decision-making context because that each.

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Select the exactly answer. I beg your pardon is a benefit of to plan for your future career? a.being much less prepared after ~ high school. B.having greater tuition in college. C.earning university credits in high school. D.ruining your chances of having actually a successful career.
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Anew firm is arising its company plan. It will call for $615,000 the assets, and also it tasks $450,000 the sales and $355,000 the operating prices for the an initial year. Monitoring is sensibly sure of these numbers due to the fact that of contracts v its customers and also suppliers. It can borrow in ~ a rate of 7.5%, but the bank requires the to have actually a tie the at the very least 4.0, and also if the tie falls listed below this level the bank will call in the loan and the firm will go bankrupt. What is the preferably debt ratio the firm deserve to use? (hint: uncover the preferably dollars that interest, then the debt the produces the interest, and also then the connected debt ratio.)a. 41.94%b. 44.15%c. 46.47%d. 48.92%e. 51.49%