I was trying to collection up the windows Remote help tool (built right into Windows 7) so that I might remotely manage a users desktop computer and they can watch what ns was doing. I got this to role in about 2 minute at mine house yet could not get it to duty on an that company network. After much playing this is what i found:

You MUST have actually Network and Sharing center > readjust Advanced Sharing alternatives (left pane) > pick the network you room in (likely DOMAIN) > public Folder sharing > pick Turn On share So Anyone v Network accessibility Can Read and also Write papers In the general public FoldersYou MUST have actually some kind of IPv6 running on her PC’s (even attach Local will certainly do)Your router should support PNRP (Peer name Resolution Protocol), and guess what, virtually no real corporate routers (Cisco, Juniper, 3Com, HP…) do support it. Just home and also SMB products support PNRP.

Given the PNRP trouble on a this firm network, I began to work with Microsoft ~ above the issue and after rather some time, that was determined that windows 7 (and Vista) deserve to act as a PNRP router, yaaaa right… nope, I followed all the steps but still deserve to not gain it to work. Below are the steps and the papers you will need.

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If you number it out please allow me know what i did wrong… I have to be close:

At this point you have to be done, however in my situation EASY help still fails with EASY connect IS not AVAILABLE. This is an extremely frustrating that I, for this reason far, can not deal with or discover a systems to this problem.

My present configuration is ideal explained in the following display capture:


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