Answer B. Inspection constantly comes first when performing a physical examination. Percussion and palpation of the abdomen may influence bowel motility and therefore need to follow auscultation.

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The nurse in fee is assessing a patient"s abdomen. I m sorry examination technique should the nurse use first?a. Auscultationb. Inspectionc. Percussiond. Palpation
Answer D. The S1 sound—the "lub" sound—is loudest in ~ the apex that the heart. It sounds longer, lower, and louder there than the S2 sounds. The S2—the "dub" sound—is loudest in ~ the base. It sound shorter, sharper, higher, and also louder there than S1.
Which statement about heart sounds is correct?a. S1 and also S2 sound equally according to over the entire cardiac area.b. S1 and S2 sound fainter at the apexc. S1 and also S2 sound fainter in ~ the based. S1 is loudest at the apex, and S2 is loudest at the base
Answer B. The nurse identifies human responses come actual or potential health troubles during the parenting diagnosis action of the education process. Throughout the assessment step, the nurse systematically collects data around the patience or family. Throughout the to plan step, the nurse creates strategies to settle or decrease the patient"s problem. During the review step, the nurse determines the efficiency of the setup of care.
The nurse in charge identifies a patient"s responses come actual or potential health difficulties during which action of the nursing process?a. Assessmentb. Education diagnosisc. Planningd. Evaluation
Answer D. During the evaluation step that the nursing process the nurse determines even if it is the goals created in the care arrangement have to be achieved, and also evaluates the success that the plan. If a score is unmet or partly met the nurse reexamines the data and also revises the plan. Assessment requires data collection. Planning involves setting priorities, establishing goals, and selecting suitable interventions.
Nurse Margareth is modification a client"s care plan. During which step of the nursing procedure does together revision take place?a. Assessmentb. Planningc. Implementationd. Evaluation
Answer: BRationale- The nurse identifies person responses come actual or potential health difficulties during the parenting diagnoses step of the nursing process. During the evaluate step, the nurse collection data. Throughout the plan step, the nurse establishes strategies to fix or decrease the patient"s problem. During evaluation, the nurse determines the effectiveness of the arrangement of care.
The nurse in charge identifies a patient"s responses come actual or potential health difficulties during which step of the education process?A. AssessingB. DiagnosingC. PlanningD. Evaluating
Answer- ARationale - follow to Maslow, remove is a first-level or physiological need. Security and safety space second-level needs, and belonging is a third-level need.

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Using Maslow"s pecking order of needs, a nurse assigns the highest possible priority come which client need?A. EliminationB. SecurityC. SafetyD. Belonging
The nurse performs an assessment of a recently admitted patient. The nurse understands the this admission assessment is carried out primarily to:A. Diagnose if the patience is at hazard for falls.B. Ensure the the patient"s skin is intactC. Develop a therapeutic relationshipD. Identify important data
Mr. Anderson states that his head has actually been hurting for 3 weeks. The nurse to know this is what type of data? objective data subjective data
Which that the complying with items the subjective client data would be documented in the clinical record by the nurse?A. Client"s confront is paleB. Cervical lymph nodes are palpableC. Education assistant reports client refused lunchD. Client feel nauseated
The customer reports nausea and constipation. Which of the complying with would it is in the priority parenting action?A. Collection a stool sampleB. Complete an abnormal assessmentC. Carry out an anti-nausea medicationD. Educate the physician
B. The client will shed 4 lbs. Within next 2 weeksRationale: an end result statement must define the observable client behavior that should happen in an answer to the parenting interventions. It is composed of a subject, activity verb, conditions under i m sorry the behavior is to it is in performed, and the level in ~ which the client will carry out the desired behavior. Each of the incorrect options lacks among these compelled elements. Choice 1 is no measurable. Alternative 3 is a parenting goal quite than a customer goal. Option 4 walk not encompass the level in ~ which the actions should be performed.
Which desired outcome written by the nurse is properly written and also measurable?A. Customer will have actually a normal bowel pattern by April 2B. The client will shed 4 lbs. Within following 2 weeksC. The nurse will provide skin treatment at the very least 3 times every dayD. The customer will breathe far better after relaxing for 10 minutes
The nurse educates the physical therapy department the the client is too weak to usage a walker and needs to be transported by wheelchair. Which step of the nursing process is the nurse involved in at this time?A. AssessmentB. PlanningC. ImplementationD. Evaluation