It sends the framework to every ports except the port on i m sorry it obtained the frame.Refer come curriculum topic: 5.3.1 as soon as a layer 2 switch receives a framework with a broadcast destination address, that floods the structure to all ports other than the port on which it got the frame.

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Refer come the graphic. H2 has actually sent a broadcast article to all of the hosts. If hold H1 wants to reply to the broadcast message, i beg your pardon statement is true?
H1 sends out a unicast blog post to H2, and also the switch forwards it directly to H2.Refer come curriculum topic: 5.3.1 since H2 has actually just sent out a broadcast blog post to all hosts, the MAC resolve for H2 is already in the switch MAC table. A unicast post from H1 come H2 will as such be forwarded through the switch straight to H2.
Which term specifies the handling capabilities the a move by rating how much data have the right to be processed every second?
forwarding rateRefer come curriculum topic: 5.3.2 The forwarding rate specifies the processing capabilities of a move by rating exactly how much data the move can process per second. Entry-layer switches have lower forwarding prices than enterprise-layer switches.
Which interface command have to be gotten in in a great 3 switch prior to an IPv4 resolve can be assigned to the interface?
no switchportRefer to curriculum topic: 5.3.3 The no switchport command place a class 3 switch port into Layer 3 mode. The no shutdown command bring an user interface up. The switchport command puts a port of a class 3 move in the layer 2 mode. The ip classless command configures a router to use classless addressing.
On Ethernet networks, the hexadecimal attend to FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF represents _________ the MAC address.
broadcastRefer to curriculum topic: 5.1.3 on Ethernet networks, the broadcast MAC resolve is 48 binary ones displayed as hexadecimal FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF.​
Refer to the exhibit. What is the location MAC attend to of the Ethernet frame as it leaves the web server if the final destination is PC1?
00-60-2F-3A-07-CCRefer come curriculum topic: 5.1.4 The destination MAC deal with is supplied for local delivery of Ethernet frames. The MAC (Layer 2) resolve changes at every network segment along the path. As the structure leaves the web server, it will certainly be yielded by using the MAC resolve of the default gateway.
A collision fragment, additionally known as a __________ frame, is a frame of fewer than 64 bytes in length.​
RUNTRefer come curriculum topic: 5.1.2 A runt framework is a frame of fewer 보다 64 bytes, usually generated by a collision or a network user interface failure.
It is a nondeterministic method.Refer come curriculum topic: 5.1.1 Contention-based methods are nondeterministic and do not have actually the overhead the is uncovered with controlled access methods. They execute not track the turns because devices perform not take transforms to accessibility the media. Contention-based approaches do not range well under heavy use.
FFFF.FFFF.FFFFRefer come curriculum topic: 5.2.1 The purpose of one ARP request is to discover the MAC deal with of the destination host on one Ethernet LAN. The ARP process sends a layer 2 transfer to all gadgets on the Ethernet LAN. The frame consists of the IP deal with of the destination and also the broadcast MAC address, FFFF.FFFF.FFFF. The organize with the IP resolve that matches the IP address in the ARP request will reply v a unicast framework that contains the MAC deal with of the host. Thus the initial sending hold will obtain the location IP and also MAC deal with pair to continue the encapsulation procedure for data transmission.
It is responsible because that Media access Control.It adds a header and also trailer to type an OSI layer 2 PDU.Refer come curriculum topic: 5.1.1 The MAC sublayer is the reduced of the two data connect sublayers and also is closest to the physics layer. The two primary features of the MAC sublayer space to encapsulate the data indigenous the top layer protocols and also to control accessibility to the media.
an resolve that will a particular group the hostsRefer come curriculum topic: 5.1.3 The multicast MAC address is a one-of-a-kind value that starts with 01-00-5E in hexadecimal. It allows a source machine to send a packet come a team of devices
Refer come the exhibit. PC1 concerns an ARP request due to the fact that it requirements to send a packet to PC3. In this scenario, what will happen next?
RT1 will certainly send one ARP reply with its very own Fa0/0 MAC address.Refer to curriculum topic: 5.2.1 once a network machine has to interact with a device on one more network, it broadcasts one ARP request questioning for the default gateway MAC address. The default gateway (RT1) unicasts one ARP reply through the Fa0/0 MAC address.

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MACRefer to curriculum topic: 5.1.1 Ethernet in ~ the data link layer is split into two sublayers - the MAC and also the gmbh sublayers. The llc sublayer is responsible for connecting with the upper layers, and also the MAC sublayer communicates directly with the physics layer.<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"ITN v5.1 chapter 7","id":"86752794","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"Cisco_Assessments">; QLoad(""); return;})}<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"ITN v5.1 thing 7","id":"86752794","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"Cisco_Assessments">; QLoad(""); return;;window.location.assign("");" id="1-86752794">