From year to year, Cisco has actually updated many versions with difference questions. The latest variation is variation 6.0 in 2018. What is her version? It counts on her instructor developing your class. Us recommend you come go believed all variation if you room not clear. While girlfriend take digital test with, you may get random questions from all version. Every version have 1 come 10 different questions or more. After you review all questions, You should practice v our online test system by go to "Online Test" connect below.

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Lab Activities Packet Tracer – Configuring for sure Passwords and SSH Packet Tracer – test Connectivity through Traceroute Packet Tracer – Using display Commands Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Packet Tracer – skills Integration Challenge Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Challenge
Appendix Packet Tracer – Configuring an incorporated Router
Appendix Packet Tracer – Subnetting scenario 2

A recently hired network technician is given the task of ordering brand-new hardware because that a tiny business v a large growth forecast. Which primary aspect should the technician be concerned with when picking the new devices?

devices with a solved number and kind of interfacesdevices that have actually support because that network monitoringredundant devicesdevices with assistance for modularity
Explanation:In a small business through a big growth forecast, the primary influencing element would it is in the capacity of gadgets to support modularity. Gadgets with a fixed type/number of interfaces would not assistance growth. Redundancy is an important factor, yet typically discovered in large enterprises. Network security is also critical consideration, yet not as necessary as modularity.

Which network style consideration would certainly be much more important come a big corporation 보다 to a tiny business?

Internet routerfirewalllow port density switchredundancy
Small businesses this particular day do need Internet access and usage an web router to provide this need. A switch is required to connect the two host devices and any IP phones or network gadgets such as a printer or a scanner. The switch may be incorporated into the router. A firewall is required to defend the organization computing assets. Redundancy is no normally found in very tiny companies, but slightly larger tiny companies might use port thickness redundancy or have redundant net providers/links.

Which 2 traffic types require hold-up sensitive delivery? (Choose two.)

emailwebFTPvoice video
Voice and video clip traffic have hold-up sensitive characteristics and also must be offered priority over various other traffic types such together web, email, and document transfer traffic.

A network administrator because that a little company is contemplating exactly how to scale the network end the following three year to accommodate projected growth. I beg your pardon three varieties of info should be used to plan for network growth? (Choose three.)

human source policies and also procedures for all employees in the companydocumentation that the current physical and also logical topologies evaluation of the network traffic based on protocols, applications, and services used on the networkhistory and mission statement of the companyinventory of the devices that are right now used ~ above the networklisting the the existing employees and their function in the company
Several aspects that are necessary to scale a network incorporate documentation of the physical and logical topology, a perform of tools that are provided on the network, and also an evaluation of the traffic on the network.

Which 2 statements explain how to assess traffic flow patterns and network traffic species using a protocol analyzer? (Choose two.)

Capture traffic on the but on the weekend when most employees room off work.Only capture traffic in the areas of the network that receive most of the web traffic such together the data center.Capture traffic during peak utilization time to gain a good representation of the different traffic types. Execute the record on various network segments.Only record WAN traffic because traffic to the internet is responsible for the largest amount of website traffic on a network.
Traffic flow patterns should be gathered during peak utilization times to acquire a an excellent representation the the different traffic types. The record should also be carry out on different network segments since some website traffic will be neighborhood to a particular segment.

Some routers and also switches in a wiring closet malfunctioned ~ an air conditioning unit failed. What kind of threat does this situation describe?

 The four classes the threats room as follows:Hardware threats – physical damages to servers, routers, switches, cabling plant, and workstationsEnvironmental threats – temperature extremes (too hot or too cold) or humidity extremes (too wet or also dry)Electrical hazards – voltage spikes, inadequate supply voltage (brownouts), unconditioned strength (noise), and also total strength lossMaintenance threats – negative handling of vital electrical components (electrostatic discharge), absence of an important spare parts, negative cabling, and poor labeling

Which kind of network threat is intended to stop authorized individuals from accessing resources?

DoS attacksaccess attacksreconnaissance attackstrust exploitation
Network reconnaissance attacks involve the not authorised discovery and mapping of the network and network systems. Access attacks and trust exploitation show off unauthorized manipulation that data and accessibility to solution or user privileges. DoS, or rejection of business attacks, are intended to avoid legitimate users and also devices from accessing network resources.

Which 2 actions deserve to be taken to stop a successful network strike on an e-mail server account? (Choose two.)

Never send the password through the network in a clear text.Never usage passwords that need the transition key.Use servers from different vendors.Distribute servers transparent the building, placing them close to the stakeholders.Limit the variety of unsuccessful attempts to log in in to the server.
One the the most common types of access attack provides a packet sniffer to yield user accounts and also passwords that space transmitted as clear text. Recurring attempts to log in in to a server to gain unauthorized accessibility constitute another form of access attack. Limiting the number of attempts to log in come the server and also using encrypted passwords will assist prevent successful logins with these varieties of accessibility attack.

Which firewall function is supplied to ensure the packets coming right into a network space legitimate responses initiated from internal hosts?

application filteringstateful packet inspectionURL filteringpacket filtering
Stateful packet investigate on a firewall checks that incoming packets space actually legit responses come requests originating from hosts inside the network. Packet filtering deserve to be used to allow or deny access to resources based on IP or MAC address. Applications filtering deserve to permit or deny access based on harbor number. URL filtering is provided to allow or deny access based on URL or top top keywords.

What is the objective of the network protection authentication function?

to need users come prove that they areto identify which sources a user can accessto save track the the action of a userto provide an obstacle and solution questions
Authentication, authorization, and audit are network services collectively known together AAA. Authentication needs users to prove who they are. Authorization determines which sources the user have the right to access. Accounting keeps track of the action of the user.

A network administrator is issuing the login block-for 180 attempts 2 within 30 command top top a router. Which hazard is the network administrator trying to prevent?

a user who is trying to guess a password to accessibility the routera worm the is attempting to access another component of the networkan unidentified individual who is make the efforts to access the network tools rooma an equipment that is do the efforts to examine the traffic on a link
The login block-for 180 do the efforts 2 within 30 command will cause the machine to block authentication ~ 2 not successful attempts in ~ 30 seconds for a expression of 180 seconds. A device inspecting the traffic on a attach has nothing to carry out with the router. The router construction cannot protect against unauthorized access to the equipment room. A worm would certainly not effort to accessibility the router come propagate to another part of the network.

What is the function of making use of SSH to attach to a router?

It allows a router to it is in configured making use of a graphical interface.It enables a for sure remote link to the router command heat interface.It allows the router to be monitored through a network administration application.It allows secure transport of the IOS software picture from one unsecure workstation or server.

Which two procedures are required prior to SSH deserve to be allowed on a Cisco router? (Choose two.)

Give the router a hold name and also domain name.Create a banner that will be presented to users once they connect.Generate a set of mystery keys come be offered for encryption and also decryption.Set up an authentication server to handle incoming connection requests.Enable SSH ~ above the physical interfaces whereby the incoming connection requests will be received.
There are 4 steps to configure SSH on a Cisco router. First, collection the hold name and also domain name. Second, generate a collection of RSA tricks to be offered for encrypting and also decrypting the traffic. Third, develop the user IDs and also passwords that the individuals who will certainly be connecting. Lastly, permit SSH top top the vty lines on the router. SSH walk not need to be set up on any type of physical interfaces, nor does an outside authentication server should be used. While that is a good idea to configure a banner to display legal info for connecting users, the is not compelled to permit SSH.​

CCNA1 thing 11 v5.1 001 answer 01

 After one intruder gains access to a network, common network threats are as follows:Information theftIdentity theftData ns or manipulationDisruption the service

Cracking the password for a well-known username is a kind of accessibility attack.

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From year to year, Cisco has actually updated countless versions with distinction questions. The latest version is version 6.0 in 2018. What is her version? It relies on her instructor developing your class. Us recommend you to go thought all variation if you are not clear. While girlfriend take virtual test v, friend may obtain random inquiries from all version. Each version have actually 1 to 10 various questions or more. After ~ you review all questions, You must practice with our digital test mechanism by go to "Online Test" link below.

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Lab Activities Packet Tracer – Configuring secure Passwords and SSH Packet Tracer – check Connectivity through Traceroute Packet Tracer – Using present Commands Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Packet Tracer – skills Integration Challenge Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Challenge
Appendix Packet Tracer – Configuring an incorporated Router
Appendix Packet Tracer – Subnetting script 2

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