By the finish of this section, friend will:Explain the causes and also effects of proceeding policy debates around the duty of the federal government from 1800 come 1848

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After the demise of the an initial Party System, the United says seemed to enter what is dubbed the Era of an excellent Feelings, a period of unity and patriotism following the war of 1812. In 1820, chairman James Monroe of Virginia ran because that reelection essentially unopposed, winning practically all the votes in the Electoral College. Yet this obvious political unity did no last. Four years later, in 1824, the country experienced among the most contentious and controversial elections in the history. 4 candidates vied because that the presidency; every were Jeffersonian republic representing different regional interests. Secretary of the Treasury wilhelm H. Crawford the Georgia to be the favorite of the southern planter class; speaker of the home of to represent Henry Clay the Kentucky and U.S. Senator and former U.S. Army general Andrew Jackson that Tennessee stood for western interests; and Secretary the State john Quincy Adams that Massachusetts was the son of a previous president.


After his career together a brand-new York senator, Martin valve Buren served as vice president under Andrew Jackson before being chosen president. This portrait is from about 1830.

That night, chairman Monroe hosted a reception in ~ the White House. Jackson politely approached Adams and also reached the end his hand. “How execute you do, Mr. Adams?” the said. “I hope you are well, sir.” Adams replied, “Very well, sir. I hope basic Jackson is well.” but this cordiality to be short-lived. Shortly thereafter, Adams asked Clay to serve as his secretary of state, and Clay accepted.

Clay was a top statesman who had been speak of the house, served on the delegation that negotiated the treaty of Ghent, and had vast experience top top domestic and foreign policy issues. In short, that was among the finest men for the job. Still, upon hearing this news, a suspiciously Jackson erupted. “So you see,” he created to a personal correspondent, “the Judas that the West has actually closed the contract and will obtain the thirty piece of silver.” Jackson did not an obstacle the validity that the election, since it had actually taken place in accordance v the rules prescribed in the Constitution, but he suspected a corrupt cheap to store him out of office and also vowed to win the next time. Privately, he predicted the Clay’s “end will certainly be the same” as that that Judas, that hanged himself after betraying Jesus.


(a) This engraving, which was published throughout the choice of 1828, alludes to Andrew Jackson’s stunning win at the fight of new Orleans at the finish of the war of 1812. (b) The print depicts the group of visitors to the White house to storage Andrew Jackson’s first inauguration in 1829. The big number of ordinary citizens that attended – and who came to be quite raucous – to be a new development in U.S. Politics.

In 1832, Jackson won reelection over a sharply divided opposition. In 1834, however, the Whig Party emerged in opposition to “King Andrew.” The at an early stage Whigs struggled to specify a confident party platform (in 1836, they even ran four regional candidates because that president), yet after the panic of 1837, lock articulated a regime for financial recovery through a tariff, a nationwide bank, and federally funded interior improvements. In plenty of ways, the second Party device arose more in solution to certain presidential contests and also personalities than to tangible political issues. Jackson’s coalition formed about Old Hickory, as he was known, v the express purpose of remove the Adams administration from power, and the aptly called Whigs come together versus what they viewed as a autarchic Jackson (their name harkened ago to the seventeenth-century English Whig Party, which opposed the Stuart monarchy).

The Jacksonian Era to be a duration of intense democratization. Many states adopted brand-new state constitutions that removed property qualifications to vote and also thereby broadened suffrage to almost all white men. In ~ the very same time, plenty of of these constitutions disenfranchised free African American men, and also none offered women the vote. Workplaces that had previously been appointed, favor state judgeships, came to be elective. The Electoral college was also democratized. By 1832, every state however South Carolina was picking its presidential electors by renowned vote, and also most states also adopted the unit rule, which provided the winning candidate in every state the state’s entire electoral vote. These electoral revolutionary brought substantial numbers of brand-new voters into the political process while also reducing the opportunity of a backroom transaction to success the presidency. The Jacksonians helped usher in a new era the mass politics participation.

Review Questions

1. How did Andrew Jackson respond come the outcome of the presidential choice of 1824?

He arranged an the contrary party and also ran again in 1828.He sue in federal court.He appealed come the commonwealth Election Commission.He composed a bestselling memoir around his experiences together a failure candidate.

2. Use the information in 1824 United states Presidential choice to answer the adhering to question.

CandidatesPopular VoteElectoral Vote
Andrew Jackson153,54499
John Quincy Adams108,74084
William H. Crawford40,85641
Henry Clay47,53137


Which explain is accurate based on the results?

This election significant the beginning of the Era of good Feelings.Andrew Jackson came to be president that the joined States.The home of Representatives made decision this election.The winner received a bulk of the well-known vote.

3. The constitution provision the played a significant part in the choice of 1824 was the

First Amendmentsupremacy clausecommerce clauseTwelfth Amendment

4. Which 1824 presidential candidate was not taken into consideration a representative of southerly or west interests?

John Quincy AdamsHenry ClayWilliam CrawfordAndrew Jackson

5. Henry Clay many likely gave his support to man Quincy Adams in the 1824 presidential election because

the new Englander sustained Clay’s “American system”Andrew Jackson had minimal support in the old Northwest TerritoryClay had actually been readily available a place in Crawford’s Cabinetthe guys came indigenous the same geographical region

6. The “corrupt bargain” in the history of the beforehand republic describes the Jacksonians’ accusation that

Andrew Jackson used casual group of advisorsnegotiation payments were made by the U.S. To the French throughout the Napoleonic WarsNapoleon offered to sell the entire Louisiana Territory, no just brand-new OrleansHenry Clay agreed to give electoral support to john Quincy Adams in return for becoming Secretary the State

7. Which politics party formed a te after the political organizing of the Jacksonians?

Democratic PartyRepublican PartyAmerican PartyFree floor Party

8. Until the election of Andrew Jackson, the joined States’ chef executives all had actually come from

New York and also VirginiaMassachusetts and PennsylvaniaVirginia and PennsylvaniaVirginia and Massachusetts

9. The Whig Party was defined by all the following except

opposition come the presidency of Andrew Jacksonsupport because that protective tariffsopposition to the national Bankwillingness to provide federal accumulation for inner improvements

Free an answer Questions

Explain the political changes during the Jacksonian Era that resulted in its gift labeled “The period of Democracy” and also “The period of the usual Man”?Explain the restrictions of labeling the Jacksonian Era “The age of Democracy” or “The age of the typical Man.”Explain what made the Jacksonians think Henry Clay want the place of secretary the State after the 1824 election.Explain just how the choice of 1824 tested the idea of one Era of good Feelings.

AP practice Questions

“Our country . . . Home Industry.


If the Jackson Party prevail, a bulk of the next Congress will certainly be opposed to the tariff, come mechanics, manufacturers, and also domestic industry. Together proof the this, the Jackson papers, almost one and all, have published posts recommending the repeal of all legislations that have been passed come encourage our mechanics and manufacturers. The an effect will be, that the sound the the shuttle will certainly no much more be heard. Our stores will be filled v British and Scotch ginghams, . . . Checks and also bedecks; and also not a ar will be discovered for a garden of American cloth.”

Broadside, 1824

Refer come the excerpt provided.

1. Which group would most straight support the disagreements raised in the excerpt?

Supporters of Andrew JacksonSupporters the Henry ClayCritics that the American SystemOpponents of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution

2. Which of the adhering to was the many immediate an outcome of the discussion expressed in the excerpt?

End the the Federalist PartyElectoral success of Andrew JacksonSplitting of the Republican Party into rival factionsPassage of the Missouri Compromise

3. The excerpt mirrors which long debate in U.S. History?

Hamiltonian matches Jeffersonian views of economic developmentConstitutionality of state nullification of federal lawsWhether 3rd parties have the right to win at the national levelStatus of slavery in the territories

Primary Sources

Andrew Jackson’s very first inaugural address:

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