Love and also Theft, the duo comprised of Stephen Barker Liles and also Eric Gunderson, tape-recorded the compelling song "Whiskey on mine Breath" as the title track of your self-released third studio album. The song was an initial released together a single in 2014, prior to the album's release in February of 2015, however when Barker Liles and also Gunderson signed with Curb records in at an early stage 2016, the track got a reissue. Below, Love and Theft phone call The boot about the work they composed "Whiskey on my Breath" and the powerful (and painful) story behind the song.

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Stephen Barker Liles: It’s a song about addiction that we created with some of our friends, in ~ my family’s cabin.

is together a heavy topic, particularly in the music industry. It’s so easy to get recorded up in addictions, even if it is it’s alcohol or other addictions. My grand was one alcoholic, and also he drank himself to death. The last 5 years of his life, he would certainly wake up, drink a bottle of Crown each day, and that’s how he died. So he actually did satisfy Jesus, lord willing, through whiskey on his breath. Eric has actually a history of alcoholism. Eric is sober today, so that’s good. And in this business, it’s also harder, so ns admire him because that that.

Eric Gunderson: as soon as I to be still drinking and we started singing it, I would make myself feel guilty in a way. So, because that me, i think it’s component of what aided me acquire sober: I determined to stop and also go come AA meetings and try that way.

Luckily, it’s done well for me. A lot of human being go, and also they autumn off the wagon, and also they require something residential, prefer Cumberland Heights or an additional recovery program. I think it’s a different path for everybody, and you have to discover what functions for you.

Our drummer is a recovering alcohol addict also, so being in recovery and also having support is huge. Gift able to sing this song now and being a year sober is cool because that me.

Barker Liles: It’s cool to put out a tune that really method something. We’ve had world come increase to us in tears practically every night after ~ a show, telling us just how the song impacted them in a positive way; it to be a healing thing. We had one rehab facility in Ohio, someone drove a pair hours just to fulfill us since it’s among their main songs for the rehab facility because that the addicts there, who are staying there.

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So for united state to placed out a song favor that, that’s having a actual impact, that will certainly stand the test of time long after we’re unable to do -- there’s a million drink songs, but not songs with a hopeful message the will readjust your life.